Review: The Dark Knight Returns – Part One


Frank Miller’s now dated but quintessential Batman tale makes the transition into the first part of an animated full feature.

Written back in 1986 it’s the story many a Batman graphic novel fan will be well familiar with, as an aging Bruce Wayne comes out of a ten year retirement to battle a new mutant gang threat on the near future dystopian Gotham Streets.

Like many animated features of this nature the speed and ferocity of action is were TDK Returns excels, but not so much in limited and dated dialogue that holds true to the satirical nature of much of Miller’s source.

As one stop for what happens when Batman starts getting on a bit, it’s faithful, absorbing and vital, as was the source, in fleshing out additional characters with a returning Jim Gordon and a ‘corrected’ Harvey Dent; we are also treated to the bigger and better placing of The Bat mythology in Gotham and the legacy of The Dark Knight on the culture of the murky city, with frequent media commentary reporting escalating criminality, a theme central to the end of Nolan’s Begins.

Voices provided most notably by Peter Weller as Batman are solid enough, but sometimes when under the hood it’s hard to shake memories of Robocop!

Much of the narrative here doesn’t really provide anything that we have long known since the novels or dissected from Christopher Nolan’s most famous screen adaptations, but Returns isn’t at fault here as this was one of THE generating stories for the modern Batman we are most familiar with.

Loyalists and lovers of the media will lap this up and rightly so. As a fan of the written Batman my preference has long been to consume the pulp form and rely on the movie re-imagining as my chosen version; But this is no less entertaining or essential as a compelling Batman tale in a faithful adaptation with some highlight action best witnessed in two battles with the Bane like mutant gang boss revisiting the Rise of The Dark Knight once more.

A tantalizing final scene featuring a very familiar face builds anticipation for Part 2.

the dark knight returns part one

As a reworking though, it’s probably now unnecessary, with the movies borrowing heavily from both this and Year One, TDK returns has been beaten to the punch with the release of this timed to come shortly after last summer’s big movie release.

As a media that essentially animates Miller’s pages directly there are undeniable limitations when being so faithful and the formats are as ever, very close creative cousins. In recent times the themes within have been better portrayed, and more realistically in the live action of The Dark Knight universe.

But if you love your Batman animated this is the place to get your kicks; a better novel adaptation you could not imagine.

(BluRay, Lovefilm by post)

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21 responses to “Review: The Dark Knight Returns – Part One

  1. I’ve seen a few Batman animations but don’t know if I’ve actually caught this one before. I’m intrigued though, I always enjoyed these Batman deals. Nice one, man.

    • Animation does little for me the days as I am getting older, I love the big Pixar ones of course but who doesn’t? but this was good and I am going to seek out part 2 now! Thanks Mark.

  2. I don’t know if you’ve seen part 2 yet, but the Joker was absolutely terrifying in that movie. He has some of the darkest moment I have seen in a Batman animated movie. It’s even darker than anything in the Nolan trilogy.

    • I haven’t yet so its hard to really capture a full review. I thought part one was good and I am defo going to check out 2 to get the full picture.

  3. You know, I havent checked this out yet, even though I own many of DC’s animated titles. I love Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight, so I should really get off my ass and check this one out, huh? LOL 😀

    • yeh, I think so, but maybe view it with Part 2 (which I haven’t done yet) as I am sure it’s a better complete piece back to back. This is one of the few animated features I have seen but I own plenty of Batman novels. I personally liked Arkham Asylum and The Killing joke better and one day I will buy the full Knightfall. Thanks Fogs!

  4. I hadn’t read the comics so this was my first encounter with the Dark Knight Returns, aside from the bits and pieces pulled from in Dark Knight Rises. As a few others have mentioned, part 2 amps it up another notch and is one of the best superhero films I’ve seen hands down, worth tracking down when it comes out there.

    • Part one felt like a starter and was too comparative to rises especially coming so soon after. Not sure when it’s out here will have a scan for it.

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