Reviews 101 – Rapid reviews in 101 words; no more, no less! The Last Stand (2013)


Five simple rules:

                    101 words; no more, no less. Split-words are permitted (If spell-check says so!?)

                    Must mention two lead actor/actresses names

                    Must reference at least one good thing and one bad thing

                    What’s it about? (no separate plot/synopsis section)

                    The movie’s title must be mentioned in the body of the review

Schwarzenegger returns to kick it old school in The Last Stand, an action flick that harkens back to frontier good guys vs. bad guys as Eduardo Noriega’s cartel leader makes a race for it after escaping Forest Whitaker’s FBI Agent. Arnie’s veteran Sherriff of the Mexican border town, Sommerton, is the last guy in the way! Playing up to Arnie’s advancing years works well, providing laughs aplenty and Director Kim Jee-Woon handles the frantic, bloody action well, though the plotting is clichéd and predictable. With enough heart, wit and violence it’s thoroughly entertaining, disposable stuff. He said he would be back!

new 3 star okay

28 responses to “Reviews 101 – Rapid reviews in 101 words; no more, no less! The Last Stand (2013)

    • Decent/okay that’s about it really Mark. Gotta love a bit of arnie though no matter how geriatric he is now,i reckon I could take him in a fight now;)

  1. I was a little scared for Kim Jee-woon, since a lot of foreign directors don’t fare so well over in the States, but he did me proud. It’s pretty much what I wanted from this kind of movie, and it’s damn good to see Arnold back on the screen. I liked it even more the second time around.

    • Excellent! It was fun and I loved how it and Arnie had no issue with playing up to his age and his return, made it more honest in some respects.

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  3. Haha these are great. I was looking forward to this movie but you convinced me otherwise. In a few words or less no doubt! Keep up the wit!

  4. Glad you enjoyed this. I ended up loving this more than I thought, it was wholly entertaining and hysterical. I wasn’t even a big fan of the guy from Jack Ass but he was funny!! Ahnuld was hilarious, esp when that old lady showed up w/ the rifle!

    • yeh, that was one of the funniest bits Ruth. I didn’t take it too seriously and I enjoyed seeing Arnie again, he was very noble indeed and a good fight at the end.

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