Review: Transformers – Dark of the Moon

Director Michael Bay indulges (his ego) once more to give us the third Transformers movie.

Dark of the Moon gets underway with a story setting, real world – fiction montage, spliced together with space race archive footage that cleverly intrigues and unveils the alternative world motive for man’s biggest achievement, the Apollo moon landing. The Americans and the Russians raced to be the first to get their hands on a derelict Autobot ship.

From then on in, fascination gives way to more of the same; a repeat of the first two movies with Sam Witwicky (Shia LeBeouf) now skint and struggling to make his way in the real world but still managing to pull yet another hot girlfriend!?

The Autobots learn of the lost ship and so race and battle the Decepticons to be the first to retrieve its precious cargo – ‘Sentinel Prime’ (Leonard Nimoy).

To now expect anything different to what’s come before would be naïve; Dark of the Moon does exactly what it says on the tin and takes the best and sometimes worst of the previous movies.

As anticipated, scripting and dialogue is terrible, no more so in clumsy battle intermissions between high-fiving marines and the loved up Witwicky, with the often appallingly bad ‘new squeeze’ Carly given the worst chat to deliver (Rosie Huntington-Whiteley).

Again, woeful stereotypes are pressed onto us as crass attempts at humour, but nowhere near as annoying or offensive as ‘Mudflap’ and ‘Skids’ from ‘Revenge of the Fallen’; and what Malkovich is doing in this movie as some kind of unhinged Alan Sugar remains a mystery.

Repeating the same mistakes of ROTF, Bay not only wastes time in introducing too many unimaginative characters but does it so slapdash that they become parodies, unimportant, diluting any peril and ultimately no care for the story. The underpinning draw of the 2007 original was not just the impact of seeing the Iconic robots on screen, but the charm of the lead, genuine humour and jeopardy; Transformers has lost its way and its heart.

When the action comes in early spurts and the breathtaking climax, it is brilliant and completely chaotic, the trademark of the series and where Bay excels better than anyone. The final hour’s Chicago city battle offers the best metal mashing action seen yet and just rescues the movie; repeated uncannily in The Avengers on the streets of New York.

Machine design and Autobot vs Decepticon battles are immense and superbly detailed; dazzling metal and glass clashing on an even bigger scale than before to represent another highpoint in seamless CG that the series has excelled at since the brilliant impact of the far superior original.

Transformers lends itself best to the crisper Blu ray format and when seen in HD it really is a delight to behold, superbly detailed and with real depth, it’s an awesome spectacle.

‘Dark of the Moon’ improves on the awful ‘Revenge of the Fallen’ by slightly dumbing down the crass humour and delivering a colossal final hour that gets the franchise JUST back on track for an inevitable fourth instalment that will be in dire need of re-finding its lost soul.

watched on Sky Movies Premiere HD.  

11 responses to “Review: Transformers – Dark of the Moon

  1. These Transformer films are not really my cup of tea. However, my four year-old can not get enough of them. I think that is who Michael Bay is thinking of when he gets behind the lens. 😉

    • most likely, and 36 something year olds who grew up with them. Really have to get back to what the first one was good for, but sadly i think they will just go for the cash again. i think bay just moves on to the next movie thinking how much more s**t can i blow up!

      • Yeah I think I was about 5 years too old for that cartoon. So I missed alot of the inside stuff from the Transformers films. The guy that runs my local comic shop was irate about the car choice for bumblebee and was breaking it down for me. 🙂

  2. Ugh. That is the most honest and in depth reaction I can muster for this film, after my rage-filled Review. (Check it out on my Blog! /shameless plug)
    The one (I’m being generous) thing that I’ve hated about the TRANSFORMERS Sequels: complete and utter raping of continuity.

    Why didn’t the Fallen show up in Movie 1, if he was there the whole time?
    Where was this secret society of humans that have apparently been working with the Decepticons for generations in Movies 1 & 2??
    Did the all levels of the US Government forget about the entire basis for the Space Race and that ship on the moon, conveniently until Movie 3? Even when the damn Transformers show up in the first place?!

    I repeat: Ugh.

    • in regards to continuity, they make it up as they go along depending on tickets sales. its one of those saga that will just keep coming until we all say nooooooooooooo! which does sadden me a little because i really liked the first one, felt sick of the second one and was bored by three. they dont need to make a fourth one for me. thanks for your comment again and pointing out the now obvious continuity flaws, i hadnt paid it enough mind to even notice. criminal.

  3. See there he goes throwing logic into a Michael Bay Tragedy. The tragedy being that they let Michael Bay direct all three of these movies. Dark of the Moon was the weakest movie of them all. I have issues with all these Decepticon’s that were apparently on the dark side of the moon doing what, just hanging out in the dirt for hundreds of years? I was happy that Megan Fox wasn’t in the movie I couldn’t handle looking at her man thumbs for another two and a half hours in this movie. I finally sat down to watch this butt numbing movie when I saw it on the Epix page at Dish Online. I thought movie theater chairs were uncomfortable, my office chair during a bad movie is even worse. Although when I told a movie buff I work with at Dish about my dislike of the film, he turned his nose up to me and walked away. I guess someone was bound to like the mess of a movie.

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