Reviews 101 – Rapid reviews in 101 words; no more, no less! The Experiment (2010)

As a little experiment (hence why I chose The Experiment) and to mix it up a bit, I thought I would try and write a very short review with some limitations.

Try it yourself, it’s harder than it seems!

Five simple rules:

                    101 words; no more, no less. Split-words are permitted (If spell-check says so!?)

                    Must mention two lead actor/actresses names

                    Must reference at least one good thing and one bad thing

                    What’s it about? (no separate plot/synopsis section)

                    The movie’s title must be mentioned in the body of the review

the-experiment movie

Oscar winners Forest Whitaker and Adrien Brody star in this inferior remake that studies the socio-behavioural effects of forced order and incarceration in a simulated prison; The Experiment’s high concept builds nicely on its initial intrigue but delivers little tension or believability with an implausibly short timescale for the descent into chaos, stereotypical characters and scant atmosphere. With a predictable progression the two leads handle an unoriginal script as best as possible to demonstrate some of their acting prowess but there is an overall sense of why when motivations are largely disproportionate when offering little new to a well-trodden movie formula.

new 2 star

26 responses to “Reviews 101 – Rapid reviews in 101 words; no more, no less! The Experiment (2010)

  1. Impressively done sir! I’d imagine this little experiment is a bit of a nightmare? I know how you like to elaborate and go in-depth.

    As for the film itself, it was rather forgettable. I did enjoy Brody, though.

    • thanks Mark, easier in some respects if the film is a bit shit because there is a lack of motivation to write more anyway. I like to give good movies the respect they deserve I guess. I always like Brody and Whitaker but they need better than this dont they?

  2. I’ll have to give this a try. As for The Experiment, I enjoyed it a lot, but it suffered from a myriad of problems. Too many to count in 101 words lol.

  3. You’ve done really bloody well with this mate. It is a really good read and feels like a whole review. I am such a rambler with my reviews. I once did a similar experiment where I tried to review films in <300 words. I was able to do it, but it was a real struggle.

    • Thanks my friend. That is what i was trying to get out there so I’m glad it reads okay. i write a variety of lengths of review for many reasons, and it’s a challenge to myself to be able to write different kinds of reviews; the short ones help make the longer ones more concise in turn allowing to cover many points in less words. Concise is hard to do, no doubt. I would defo try and do one in 101 words, it’s fun and a challenge and the rules I put on myself for it helped the structure. many thanks again 🙂

  4. I found my self enjoying this film although I would agree about the implausibility of the condensed time frame causing such chaos. While I usually appreciate your verbosity it was interesting to see you try a more restrained approach to a review. 🙂

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