Short Review: Thor (2011)

I recently watched ‘Thor’ in anticipation of this month’s release of Marvel’s ‘Avengers Assemble’, but because it is very likely that nearly most of the movie watching world has seen it long before now, I thought I would do one of my rare ‘short’ reviews. If you haven’t seen it that’s great, maybe you might want to check it out.

Prince of the realm of Asgard, arrogant warrior Thor (Chris Hemsworth) is cast from his home to, of all places, Earth by Dad Odin (Anthony Hopkins) after wanting one fight too many that could break a tentative peace with age old enemies The Frost Giants.

Overshadowed brother Loki (Tom Hiddleston) is loyal but questioning of Thor’s arrogance, but turns evil when his true heritage is revealed and he begins his earth threatening scheme to seize power in Thor’s banishment and dad Odin’s turn for the worse.

‘Thor’ is a great mix of almost Shakespearean drama, comedy, action and love story.

Hopkins’s early ‘casting out’ of son Thor is ‘bellowy’ and classic Hopkin’s who adds, as he always does, real gravitas along with Director Kenneth Brannagh’s obvious flair for the theatrical. Happily ‘Thor’ doesn’t dwell to long on the weighty as Thor’s early ‘fish out of water’ histrionics provide quick and genuinely funny light relief. Hemsworth as the lead, manages to adeptly balance comedy and a believable hero presence.

Natalie Portman plays the earthly love interest as scientist Jane Foster who helps Thor adjust to life without his ‘godly’ powers.

Action isn’t on the grandest scale but it comes steadily enough and is handled well with all manner of other worldly creatures taking a beating from ‘The God of Thunder’, with ‘Thor’s’ best action scene coming early on with the assault on the chilly home world of the Frost Giants, ‘Jotunheim’.

And just when you think Thor is going to turn all camp, Tom Hiddleston’s Loki provides some genuinely perilous bad guy thrills and some synchronicity to ‘The Avengers’ is provided by the appearance of Agent Coulson and an un-credited fellow S.H.E.I.L.D. member.

‘Thor’ is fantastic and is Marvel’s best of the recent ‘Avengers’ foundation movies, better than ‘Captain America’, and much better than ‘Iron Man 2’; it’s not only a great complimentary piece for ‘The Avengers’ but is a great superhero movie in its own right.

‘Claratsi rating’ 8/10 Recommended

Watched on Sky Movies premiere

8 responses to “Short Review: Thor (2011)

  1. I did really enjoy this movie, which was surprising by the fact that I’ve never been a fan of Marvel’s Thor. I felt it to be unlike any other superhero movie, which is rare.

    • you’re right, but short reviews never do a film justice, thats why mine are normally much longer as you will see if you have not already checked some of them out. I thought Thor was brilliant and one of the best when i had low expectations for it. Brannagh handled it really well and i scoffed at that when i first heard it was him who was directing. Thanks for your comment, l love your avatar too, v.clever

      • thank you. And I didn’t even pay for the mask it was an impromptu photo op at my local supermarket. That makes me sound like a thief (don’t worry I put it back ha!)

  2. This is an excellent movie, early reports were that WWE’s Triple H, AKA Paul Levesque was set to play the role of Thor. Lets praise the Lord that he didnt get the chance!!

    excellent movie. Bring on the Avengers.

  3. Hmm, I actually, completely disagree with you.
    I found Thor to be… inconsistent at best. I loved the action, the Shakespearean Drama was handled well by Brannagh (obviously). However, I felt the writing + performances were a little flat.

    The fish out of water histrionics, good as they were, seemed forced. I feel Loki’s characterization and performance was insanely better than Thor. Speaking of, there seemed to be no fleshing out of WHY Thor goes from arrogant bitch to benevolent protector of Earth.

    The ending is what bugged me the most. Foster & Thor shared no onscreen chemistry, barring a outdoor scene by a fire. And all of a sudden the movie ends on a flighty note of grandiose love being separated by dimensions. Eh.

    I would like to get your thoughts on my rant for this.

    • Hey Shah thanks for your great comment. i Agree on many of the aspects you have presented. Portman and Hemsworth did lack a little chemisty. Loki’s is a great character, then so are most villains. The WHY is because he had been “cast out” and realised his error straightaway so wanted to now use his power for good. The end would bug you understandably as it is designed to set up sequels. I loved Thor and is regarded along with the first Iron Man as the better of the marvel avengers launch movies. I will check out your “rant” also.

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