Turbo Review: Semi-Pro (2008)

Basketball gets the Will Ferrell treatment following the Ice-skating antics of Blades of Glory.

Ferrell is Jackie Moon, owner of the Flint (Michigan) Tropics, underdogs (of course) on the verge of the big-time with the inception of the NBA.

Jackie is famous and fairly wealthy due to the success of his single “Love me Sexy” and his dream is one day to get his team to the big leagues.

Woody Harrelson’s veteran Monix comes along for the crazy season and gives life lessons in Basketball to Ferrell’s un-gamely crew. Harrelson along with star player Clarence (Andre Benjamin) provide some straighter-laced balance for all the silliness.

Ferrell and Harrelson make a decent comedy duo, but the more side splitting one-liners are saved for the close-knuckle punditry from side-line commentators Dick Pepperfield (Andrew Daly) and Lou Redwood (Will Arnett).

Basically a re-run of pretty much what Ferrell delivered previously and better in Talladega Nights and of course, Anchorman, Semi-Pro still delivers a ton of giggles through all manner of game day publicity stunts, stupendously silly set pieces and foul mouthed laughs.  And as ever it’s as insanely quotable as you can imagine from a Ferrell movie.

If you dislike this kind of thing then you will truly hate Semi-Pro, but if like me seeing Ferrell splendidly make a complete ass out of himself as always, then this is as absurd and hilarious as it gets.

It may repeat some of the riotous gags of Bear fighting, fondue and 70’s in-jokes but Semi-Pro is still hysterical and the ‘Jive Turkey’ scene ranks best alongside anything seen in Ferrelldom.



19 responses to “Turbo Review: Semi-Pro (2008)

  1. I like this movie but I don’t love it. In fact, I think I like it more for the basketball aspect more than the Ferrell aspect. Still, decent movie with some hilarious moments. I’d give it around a 5.5-6/10.

  2. Solid review! I’m just being honest here my friend, but this is one of the reasons I don’t like Will Ferrell. I couldn’t make it through this thing even though I have tried twice. You said it, this is the same thing that he does 90% of the time. I guess if you like it this is money but if not …

    • exactly, you either love him or hate him, I love him, always seems to tickle me, always has. I can appreciate your honesty in not liking him, you wouldn’t be alone in all truth. I like my humour fairly intelligent, but Ferrell fills the void when I need something stupid to not think too much about

  3. I recall thinking this was funny enough and that people were only being harsh on it because of Ferrell. I havent revisited it since my intiial viewing though… I think that speaks volumes. 😦

    • Not his best, but Talladega and Anchorman were hilarious. People are harsh on him but he still makes me laugh, it’s basic but it tickles me 😉

  4. Sorry I’m late to the party Kevin. I don’t mind Will Ferrell so much, not sure why everyone rags on him like they do. Haven’t seen this one but I’m sure I’ll catch it on tv some time.

    • Me neither, I understand he isn’t everyone’s cuppa but he makes me laugh, whether it’s basic or not, it still works for me! The money his films make suggest not everyone dislikes him.

  5. This was definitely my least favorite of the Ferrell-pro-sports-spoofs trio, the previous two obviously being ‘Talladega Nights’ and ‘Blades of Glory.’ I actually thought that the big focus on Harrelson was a mistake, and that he was miscast. With that said, ‘Love Me Sexy’ is the best song ever made in the history of forever. Good review! 🙂

    • Watched Blades of Glory last night and it didnt hold up too well TBH, Semi Pro second to Talladega for me. Love Me Sexy IS indeed THE best song ever made in the history of the universe, ever 😉

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