17 responses to “New Trailer: The Wolverine

  1. This is the same comment I posted on TheFilmGuy’s page about this same trailer. Safe to say that I am uber-pumped! —I believe that we have yet to see Wolverine unleashed and fully realized in his full potential, especially given Hugh Jackman’s talent and ability to fully embody the character enthusiastically. We came close with X1 and X2, but I think you will agree with me that X3 and XOrigins: Wolverine left much to be desired. This new film looks much more focused, efficient, and more carefully crafted. Hell, even the name, ‘The Wolverine’ looks and sounds so much better than the clunky title, ‘X-Men Origins: Wolverine.’

    I think the most promising part of this film is that it corrects a major mistake from XMOW that was Wolverine’s virtual invincibility, which robbed that film of any tension and excitement it made have had. Making Logan vulnerable is a smart and refreshing move. I am really, really, excited about this.

    The only thing in the trailer that I didn’t like was the train scene, which looks way over the top and sort of out of place for a film that otherwise looks like it is trying to keep itself grounded in visceral, psuedo-realistic combat.

    — Come on, Jackman, you deserve a movie that fully fleshes your fan-favorite character out! We all deserve it! 🙂

    Anywho, things are looking good for the definitive X-Man!

    • yeh, not quite done him justice yet. I didn’t dislike Wolverine but as an Origin story it could have been so much more with the history wolverine has and this title is far punchier! I picked up on that in this trailer too, being mortal will really make for some interesting bits and quite rightly build some tension! Big hopes for this, I think it will be very good! Thanks!

      • Oh I didn’t completely hate Wolverine Origins either, but it could’ve been sooo much better. This one certainly is VERY promising 😀

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