That was the week that was…

The Guard, The Objective, All Good things, Margin Call

So here is my roundup where I summarize all that was great and good at ClaratisMovieReview in the last week and give mention and appreciation to all my new followers.

Follower mentions…

Please take a look at my new wordpress followers in the last week and thank you all for all the likes and comments. Comments and likes are really what give me the most satisfaction, so please keep them coming, spread the word and if you like what I do (or don’t like) then please let me know.

Thank you to all my new twitter and Facebook followers too. Thank you for all the re-tweets and likes; you know who you are 😉

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The Guard is immensely entertaining and hilarious, with Gleeson proving never judge an underdog by his grizzled cover – he’ll bite your ankles! Read more…

All Good Things come to an end – yep, they do and in this case, mayyybe(?)Ryan Goslings recent hot streak! Read more…

Margin CallMedia and governments tell us much of what happened, what caused the shit-storm of 2008, here, a perhaps truer account of what did happen is presented, while portraying the fat cats in many of the expected conventions that demonise, but on balance providing some of the rarer seen humanistic qualities that not all are unscrupulous. It may at least allow further food for thought when making your own margin call when deciding who to blame. Read more…

The Objective tells the story of a rag tag band of Special Ops escorting a CIA agent on a deadly mission to Afghanistan to investigate…something? Read more…

The viewing week…

Well, I am a little behind to be honest. On Saturday night I watched Sinister and I will be watching The Dark Knight Returns Part 1. I will have reviews posted for Monday and Tuesday so please check them out!

As always, thank you all again for your visits and your continued support is very much appreciated.

10 responses to “That was the week that was…

  1. Oh man, I’m sooo jealous you’ve seen The Guard! It’s sooo hard to find that movie anywhere, not even available on Netflix and I can only buy it on iTunes 😦 It sounds so hilarious, I love both Gleeson and Cheadle.

      • Interesting and a sound strategy, I am the same. I spent years in my youth buying VHS, watching stuff once or twice. Then DVD, then Blu ray, it just goes on. Not that I don’t like ownership but it’s too much to keep hold of. I do buy great movies, Skyfall was my last purchase.

      • Oh Skyfall should be worth buying. I might rent that again as I haven’t seen it since I saw it at the cinema.

      • Yeh, I have only watched it once since I got it, twice in total. Really not getting my money’s worth out of this purchase am I? Must watch again 😉

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