Turbo Review: The Objective (2008)

The Objective move poster

The Objective tells the story of a rag tag band of Special Ops escorting a CIA agent on a deadly mission to Afghanistan to investigate…something?

Pretty much a watered-down version of every isolated, mysterious, invisible enemy, strange encounter type deal it borrows heavily from the classics of the unseen predator genre to provide nothing new other than placing said excursion into the wasteland of the Afghan desert.

With the mission objective withheld by Jonas Ball’s company man from the crew and the audience there is no small measure of initial mystery. The unpolished attire of the desert ops seems realistic enough but questionably makes the company feel under-equipped, but a slim outlay admirably squeezes more than is expected from a Hollywood B-budget.

Desert and canyon altercations bring some respectably handled fire fighting to up the action ante and the premise remains intriguing, but for The Blair Witch Project’s director it’s nothing near as an effective comeback as was his stupendous fledgling horror entry.


It’s just all too foreseeable with hackneyed dialogue and story development to go with a quite pointless voice-over from a miscast lead that feels more like an effort to inject a meaningful post 9/11 (set just days after) lamentation than expand on events.

With low-fi disadvantages The Objective struggles to provide anything that unique; ultimately stumbling over predictable pacing, plotting and character stereotypes.

14 responses to “Turbo Review: The Objective (2008)

  1. We all know what happened to HAL when he wasn’t told his real objectives either. Sounds like a cheap Zero Dark Thirty.

    • Just a turbo review my friend, you know I like to put the work in, but time and all that require a quick turnover to keep up with my watching, that sounds terribly lazy but you know what I mean? This wasn’t terrible by any means just average.

  2. It’s been a while since I’ve seen this but I think I remember something exciting about the very end – yes??

    • more ambiguous than exciting i thought, just didn’t quite figure it out myself. Much of the second half had me switched off after a really good intriguing open.

  3. I do believe the ‘other Blair Witch director’, Eduardo Sanchez, has had more success as a director.

    • That is fair to say. Both haven’t really gone on ot greater things, I understand Lovely Molly was half decent but I am not that familiar with them other than Blair Witch. I trawled IMDB and Sanchez is down to do a bit of VHS2, which got a green light pretty quick, many liked VHS, I thought it was quite good.

  4. As John just mentioned above me, this must be the one that hasnt done quite as well from Blair Witch! Had never heard of this film, thanks for the heads up buddy

    • It’s a shame they never recreated the same level after Blair Witch (which I love) This one wasn’t terrible, so still would advise checking out just to see if you get more out of it than me.

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