That was The Week that was…

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My weekly review and viewing round up and this week, a small favour…

Hello everyone. I had a great week this week with more followers from wordpress and loads of generous re-tweets, shares and follows on FB and Twitter.

So thank you and why not give these guys a follow on wordpress as my way of showing appreciation;

Reddit was also a massive referrer too, but getting ‘upvotes’ remains as elusive as always. I am really appreciating the traffic I am getting from Reddit but does anyone sometimes think it’s too good to be true? I can only tell you that my visitors are consistent with my views so it’s very encouraging!

I would really welcome your thoughts on this and any tips or comments on your Reddit experiences as it’s a great community site. Please comment below.

Stumbleupon has really dried up though, is anyone experiencing the same?

Twitter is a great networking tool as ever and thanks again for the retweets, follows and mentions. I will make my thanks to you all on Twitter later.

In appreciation for this, I will continue to share as much as I see, and if you like my stuff enough then I would be humbled if you could do the same.

Reviews on ClaratsiMovieBlog last week:

Avengers Assemble: Great movie that surely everyone has seen by now, haven’t they? Is there anyone out there who hasn’t? Anyway it’s pretty awesome, read more…

Coriolanus, was a major surprise which managed to dispel my long standing dislike for Shakespeare on film. I have always thought that the dialogue of Shakespeare was ill fitting with many modern interpretations, but due to its modern warfare setting and Ralph Fiennes’ clear passion, it worked here. Read more…

What are your thoughts on Shakespeare on film, does it work for you?

The Life of David Gale was a good movie too, but what I have found out since is that there is a really mixed bag of opinion on it, a commenter informed me of Roger Ebert’s ‘expert’ opinion on it, giving it no stars! But its IMDB rating is very respectable (which is still in my view a reliable rating) and there are plenty of fans out there.

Here’s my review anyway…

Now, does anyone think any movie is so bad as to be given one star?

Have you ever rated a movie as no stars?

Thank you all again for your visits and support last week and your continued support is very much appreciated!



22 responses to “That was The Week that was…

  1. Reddit has amazing possible rewards (Sati of Cinematic Corner says she got 400,000 hits on one article), but its super difficult to get something to take off. From what I’ve heard, they’re not looking for reviews – reviews dont seem to do well. And without upvotes and comments, whatever you post will sink like a rock. A couple of times I’ve actively asked people for upvotes, and that helps a little – People I know who use Reddit, mind you, not Reddit readers themselves.

    LOL. I’ll keep you in mind now next time I need to do that! ( 😉 You can too of course)

    • yeh i saw that and i upvote and i’m happy to help out as best i can. Reddit really gives lot of hits but i find its interface quite difficult and it’s hard to see how to get the best out of it. I think any topic based posts fair better on there but i have seen lots of articles that i question how they have done so well. of course i love the traffic it brings but I will hope to get some success on it. Whatever i learn about what works i will share for the greater good!

  2. Reddit is a silly place. Unless you’re posting an unphotoshopped picture of Neil Degrasse Tyson holding up a picture of Bill Nye holding a cat, nothing is certain. Self-promotion usually gets on the hivemind’s nerves, unless you’re doing it in a self-promotion based subreddit.

    Many, many, many movies are bad enough to deserve one star. I gave 1 star to “My Dinner with Andre” relatively recently.

    I haven’t given anything on my blog 0 stars, *yet*, but I’ve reviewed things for various sites over the years that I gave null ratings to. Usually it’s happened when the movie/game/book/product is so bad that I walked out of the theatre, or shut it off, or otherwise didn’t want to ever finish it. Even in that situation, though, they’ll sometimes avoid a 0.

    Also, since you obviously enjoy knowing where your traffic comes from… I ended up here because Fogs retweeted your tweet mentioning his Die Hard review.

    • I want my traffic to be organic and not just referrals where i get shallow hits, it’s why i feel my hits from reddit are plastic – I enjoy the writing and if i can make something of it, great!
      Self promotion seems very much something that goes on on there, even though as you say that seems frowned upon.
      I’m glad your visit came via a good referral, that’s the genuine networking that is rewarding. Thanks for the follow and the visit, I will return the compliment.
      I hope to always have the foresight to not watch a zero film, but part of me wants to watch a complete turkey just to review it!

  3. I’m finding the same problem with Reddit at the moment. It’s hard to get upvotes and recently I’ve been getting nothing from it. I’ll always keep trying though.

    I’ve reviewed a couple of film where I’ve gave them 0 stars. The Al Pacino film 88 minutes was one of them and another was the remake of The Day the Earth Stood Still. I just couldn’t bring myself to give them anything. Titanic also only got 1.5 stars from me. 😉

    • ha, ha. you harsh man 😉 perhaps you hated 88 minutes because it soiled Pacino!? The Day the Earth Stood Still was just okay for me, but Titanic is spot on I remember your review, I think i hate it more for its success more than anything now, its complete bollocks!

  4. First of all thanks for mentioning my blog in your post. As for the referrers right now i started playing with Pinterest, Technocrati and Squidoo. So I will let them run for a week or two and then tel you which one works best.

  5. Since people are talking about Reddit here, I thought I’d chime in. I must be a retard but I can’t seem to submit ANYTHING on Reddit, not my own or others’ posts. I wish I knew the key to successfully submitting posts on there. Forget upvotes, I’m lucky if my post even get through!! 😦

    • Feel free Ruth, always welcome. You are not retarded; Reddit is just very precious beyond its boundaries. I have grown to love and hate it. I feel I can help you here if I may.
      I have had some success of late improving my link karma by 60 and improving my comment karma. If you have spammed it in the past it may not let you submit, which it did to me, so I starting clicking on other peoples links and commenting and generally just spending time on it – it seemed to like me again, so I starting submitting links to other sites, not just my own which builds this link karma thingy. It appreciates sharing of other sites links. I don’t know if this is old news to you but it worked for me.
      I have found as a community it’s pretty tough, with lots of trolls and really negative, disproportionate criticism, but it has taught me a lot lately and I got some very good advice from a guy on there the other day about writing, so there are exceptions.
      It can bring A LOT of traffic though, perhaps inorganic and not as rewarding as traffic from peers or comments and likes but it’s worth persevering with. Let me know if you have any success. Thanks for dropping by 😉

    • I finally figured out reddit but can be as fickle a mistress as stumbleupon, which used to be really good but a wee bit sparse of late.

  6. I got around 500,000 hits from my one post, but that was one time instance, I think it was a mix of the originality of the post, right timing and a lot of reddit visitors being there and voting at the time. Usually I get around 100 – 1000 hits there, while stumbleupon is quite useless.

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