It’s Turbo time! Another ‘Turbo Review’ for your speedy consideration: V/H/S

V/H/S attempts to do one of the hardest things in movies, tell a fresh new horror story. It does so with limited success.

A gang of petty thieves are hired to retrieve a video tape from a desolate house, but on finding more footage to peruse we are treated to several individual stories of gore and mystery.

The anthology premise works well as singular stories play out on video in front of the real-time backdrop of horror within the bleak house as the posse of reprobates delve further.

Most successfully, each story is different to the next with all manner of staple tales of horror, but the success and terror of some of the frontloaded stories give way to the poorly executed and shockingly acted latter tales.

Chills and blood-spills are in no question with some tales genuinely scary with some neat touches, but the poor narrative and lack of point to the criminal task in the first place frustratingly mystifies.

V/H/S doesn’t herald in another new age of horror; Still sitting firmly within the found footage genre it’s a decent movie, and with plenty of scares its does more than enough to avoid the by-gone age, video bargain bin of oblivion.

Those were the days.



9 responses to “It’s Turbo time! Another ‘Turbo Review’ for your speedy consideration: V/H/S

    • exactly, it was hit and miss but when it hit it was very good indeed. Thought the first story was excellent and the second when the thief had the knife to them 😦 but the one with the college kids in the woods was not so great and the overall thing with the guys getting the tape was a bit ropey. enjoyed it though – thanks for the visit!

  1. I’ve read other reviews of this. Sounds like the more the script was written the lazier they got. Still I’d like to stream it.

    • It dead tend to be that way, but still enjoyable. The first story was the best but they’re all different and of varying quality. well worth a look. Thanks for the visit!

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