That was The Week that was…


My weekly viewing and review round up and a thanks to all the likes, comments and new followers – Thanks everyone!

An Enjoyable weeks viewing for your’s truly this week, the viewing highlight was probably The Life of David Gale, I watched last night.

How I never saw this is beyond me, being a fan of Kevin Spacey and all. It was always one I just never seemed to get around to.

Look out for my review on Tuesday.

On Friday evening I saw V/H/S which very nearly turned into something quite special, but ultimately didn’t quite cut it. Still decent, I will post my ‘Turbo Review’ at 1pm tomorrow, so look out for that one too.

Movies reviewed:

Quite a busy week all in all, I managed to post five reviews last week which is productive when working a nine to five too!

Looper was fantastic in my view but many comments out there have acknowledged flaws in the movie, but it is generally well regarded and enjoyed by many.

Flight was excellent also and for me it’s the most Oscar worthy performance by Denzel Washington, just better than DDL – Controversial?

Seeking a Friend for the End of the World was quite a disappointment in all honesty, but it had its moments and was indeed a newer twist on Armageddon.

Comedy highlight of the week was The Campaign, because no matter how average he may have been of late, Will Ferrell always makes me laugh but even better was Zach Galifianakis as Marty Huggins.

Hidden Gem of the week was Pontypool; with a fantastic premise it’s well worth checking out.

Thanks once again for your support and visits this week!

Claratsi 🙂


5 responses to “That was The Week that was…

    • Still Denzel just for me. I love DDL but this one felt more method than ever from the man but its served him well so far hasn’t it . I felt Denzel’s character more and had the greater range for me. We all win though, a great year for film and DDL was right to say all deserved recognition – and meant it. Thanks Terrence!

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