Turbo Review: The Campaign

Following the Talladega Nights blueprint of southern dimwits, Will Ferrell returns this time as Congressman Cam Brady, the unopposed governor of a South Carolina town.


Really adding nothing new, a re-run of most other Ferrell vehicles, his latest is probably the weakest in a long line of slowly diminishing laughs, but with some ever brilliantly quotable one-liners, improvisation and a supporting roster of comedy legends, the Ferrell brand of comedy may have some campaign legs left. Effectively putting his George Bush TV impersonation on the big screen, Ferrell’s douchebag is challenged when effeminate, Marty Huggins (Zach Galifianakis) runs for election as the frontman of a corporate backed campaign to insource Chinese labour into the US!?

Funny? Yes, but not by a landslide, The Campaign still provides a marginal victory of laughs and absurdity.


10 responses to “Turbo Review: The Campaign

  1. Was looking forward to watching this, but can see that it would be a safe bet. With it being extremely similar to step brothers, Talladega Nights and the other guys! But I am still going to give it a watch!

  2. Everybody here does fine with their comedic timing, it’s just that the comedy isn’t all that funny to begin with. There are some inspired spots of comedy here and there, but nothing all that special to write home about. Nice review.

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