2 responses to “Claratsi’s caption thought of the day – just for giggles!

  1. Well, at least the Star Wars licence is finally out of George Lucas’ dictator-like control. These people have a real chance at redemption here for the whole franchise, although I personally would have gone for a remake of the whole prequel trilogy. Hollywood is remaking everything else these days, so why not reboot the prequels that everyone hated and actually WANTS redone? Oh well, I guess it’s new Star Wars nonetheless…

    • Ha, ha.

      Generally the prequels did not measure up as a complete piece, but there where some excellent highlights in each. But some awful passages really let them down.
      I will always respect Lucas and thank him for his creation but he should have let go sometime ago and fair enough he has done now. I think the new films are going to be awesome – I have a good feeling about this.

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