Life of Pie! – Turbo Review: American Reunion

Are there still some American Pie fans out there…? (Tumbleweeds and wind)

A $200m+ gross says perhaps maybe?

Jim, Oz, Kev, Finch and Stiffler all get together again for a high school reunion.

Coming some near ten years after Wedding the party has moved on for our now thirty some-things  and so has comedy. Relying on the same laughs as old, but now without the same youthful frolics, Reunion plays more like a soap opera; genuine laughs are scant as hilarity gives way to pre mid-life contemplation.


The usual marital and relationship quandaries go to betray the best of what Pie used to offer as the guys look to have fun for the last time.

But Reunion still manages to find its old heart, with Jim’s Dad, the now widowed ever caring father, turning back time to now join in the fun too.

Not bad, but this Pie has just got a little too crusty.

(LoveFilm by post)

6 responses to “Life of Pie! – Turbo Review: American Reunion

  1. I grew up with this movie, and I’m almost around the time frame of the movie and this was great continuation of the franchise (especially since the Wedding was so bad), and I remember the audience give a standing ovation alongside with me.

    • I am of the same age. Glad you liked it. Didn’t really tickle my funny bone this one as much as the others but i am a little older now too. I found Stiffler funny still. Thanks for the visit!

    • getting comments saying the same Fog. Glad you liked it. there were parts i liked, Eugene Levy just makes me laugh looking at him and Stiffler’s put downs are always funny. Thanks for the visit!

  2. Yes I agree Kev. Had to watch it but was predictable and parts I could easily guess what comes next. True American Pie style film but the comedy needed to be fresher and more current. Wouldn’t really go back for a second watch. The best thing about the film was the opening song!! Cannot go wrong with abit of R Kelly – Bump and grind. Haha. Good review Kev.

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