2013 Movie Trailer Preview : Man of Steel

In the first of my 2013 movie previews, I’m taking a look at Man of Steel, the latest instalment in the evergreen Superman series.

Superman is the ultimate superhero, and the Superman franchise pioneered the trail for massive summer blockbuster and hero movies a like back in 1978 with the release of Christopher Reeves’ original.

Ever since that classic entry, the Superman movies have been of mixed quality to say the least; Superman 2, the only sequel to compare and arguably for some, better.

Superman 3 was poor and 4…well.

Superman returned in 2006 in Bryan Singer’s decent effort, perplexingly, a continued story arc rather than a reboot or re-launched origin. Receiving tepid audience and critical reception, I for one thought it was better than it was given credit for.

But now in the age of superhero saturation, the second return of the big screen legend is overdue, and warranted for many as redemption for Returns.

I am really looking forward to the 14th June as Director Zack Snyder should be a safe pair of hands after the exceptional job on Watchmen (review).

But further reasons to be optimistic are the addition of The Dark Knight trilogy’s Screenwriter David S.Goyer and Director Christopher Nolan, producing.

A respectable cast, including Henry Cavill in the lead, supported by Amy Adams, Kevin Costner and Russell Crowe and the always brilliant Michael Shannon as the returning General Zod, should bring some gravitas to proceedings.

The full trailer promises much, clearly influenced by the grittier, realistic take now seen in many hero movies of the current age.

Looking more art house than blockbuster, Man of Steel looks to demand more respect than the normal, except strong storytelling and cool action in what should be one of 2013’s biggest movies.

I think this one will be very good – what do you think?

3 responses to “2013 Movie Trailer Preview : Man of Steel

    • hey Gibboooooo…I thought it was average, but not as bad as some made out. This trailer has got me very excited, i have a good feeling about this one.

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