Review: The Raid

The Raid makes its entry without ceremony, as Jakarta’s finest are sardined up en-route to the high-rise lair of local drug lord, Tama (Ray Sahetapy); The time has come to go in – hard, and rat out the long-time residing infestation. It’s an effective opening after the brief introduction of central hero Rama (Iko Uwais) that wastes no time in setting up what appears to be another simplistic riot of ultra-violence. The dye-hard is cast for an hour and forty-one minutes of what only can be described as chaos.

At breakneck speed we’re into the first frantic encounter with the tenement’s inhabitants, the block locks-down. With no escape, Rama and his crew battle upwards through thirty floors of hellish high-rise that JUST. DOESN’T. STOP…perfect fare for adrenalized microwave burger lovers, you may be forgiven for wanting to get off this amplified visual and audible ride, but as The Raid progresses to unleash some of the best choreographed, violent action of recent years, feelings of vertigo subside to appreciate something quite brilliant.

Welsh born writer/director Gareth Evans manages to get the most out the grimy, gritty apartment setting, creating a maze of pandemonium; and with no small measure of flair pace and plot stay on course just when it could all career uncontrollably off course.

Moving through the levels, twists are revealed to provide more than the usual high-kicking commotion through frantic fist, gun, and machete fight feasts – you name it, The Raid has it, and set improvisation proves that in the claustrophobic, berserk world of Evans’ Indo-Welsh actioner, anything is a weapon!

Lead man Uwais, uses all at his disposal; kicking, punching – employing every limb of his flexible flowing anatomy along with all manner of artillery as he battles an army of wielding maniacs. How long John McClane would last in this company is anyone’s guess.

But Yahan Ruhian’s Mad Dog wins the hard-case stakes, a truly great henchman and one of recent cinema’s best; a skinny, lithe, whirling martial arts master seemingly indestructible (just stay down already!) even when ganged up on in a highlight scrap, a grittier version of The Phantom Menace’s Two on One flashy light sword battle – what were them thingies called again?

Budgetary or any other similarities end there, but by Indonesian standards The Raid is a blockbuster, the kind of actioner that Hollywood could do with a shot of. Mr Evans – welcome to the party pal!


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15 responses to “Review: The Raid

  1. Talk about a film that came out of nowhere. Chino Moreno even contributed a nice first song in the credits. Great action throughout! Nice review.

    • Thanks man. Didn’t it just? As so often is the case with international movies. it is becoming less and less a revelation though given how excellent the quality,of asian films in particular have become in recent years. I thought what i heard about this hype but it was superb. Thanks for the visit.

      • That’s kind of the same opinion that I had. I heard that it was good, but I took my time before I actually watched it. It really was intense. I like what you have done with your blog. Keep up the good work. I just started mine relatively recently. Still having fun tweaking it. It’s pretty addictive.

      • ha, too addictive sometimes. I had a break from it for a while, felt like work, but enjoying it at the moment and should be some good movies coming up over the next few months to review. I will give your work a look too, thanks for the praise and your visit.

      • Thanks, I would appreciate that. I would like to get some movie previews added to my posts, and some better pictures. Still working on figuring it all out.

      • yeh man do it. i just spent time experimenting. If you can get videos for trailers in can really add to your posts. get the trailer on youtube and right click for the embed code and copy, then paste it into the text of your post. so long as its a green band trailer it suitable for distribution.

      • thanks for the tip. I always thought having a trailer adds a lot to the review, because people can really know what you are writing about.

  2. I agree, I hope American action directors DO take note. This felt so great and unique in part because so many of our action movies are so standard now, relying on car chases and shootouts. This was intense from start to finish!

    Great flick, nice review!

    • Thank you Sir, some of the best action movies of recent years have come internationally. It was chaotic for sure! A fantastic surprise and thoroughly enjoyable. Thanks for the visit.

    • light on plot, indeed, and rightfully no need to be anything more, pondering on plot would have just got in the way. It stuck to its remit and didn’t let go, a lockjaw of a movie. Thanks for the visit!

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