First picture of Daniel Day-Lewis as Abe!

Why so serious? Because that’s what he does – better than anyone else.

The new and first picture of Daniel Day-Lewis as Abraham Lincoln is exciting for so many reasons; the man is arguably the finest actor of his generation and his legendary methods and approaches to his roles make him equally charismatic and mysterious; so a Day-Lewis movie is an event in itself, lest we forget he is to play one of the most iconic of American statesman.

Lincoln is not released in the UK until January 2013, just in time for a certain annual awards ceremony. Could the man responsible for so many remarkable performances in modern cinema be up for his third Oscar? Very likely!



10 responses to “First picture of Daniel Day-Lewis as Abe!

    • isn’t it just. In the way Day-Lewis does his unique thing, no one touches him for me and after Gangs of New York i couldn’t see him topping it, then came Plainview – immense!

      • Bill the butcher and Plainview are just two of the finest screen performances from any actor. Pure masterclass. His Christy Brown and Gerry Conlon were not exactly second tier either. He’s just an amazing actor.

      • Not seen gangs of new York for a while may catch it again, just put of by di caprio, I’m a fan of his but thought he was shocking in it, perhaps a re watch will change my view.

      • I actually quite like DiCaprio. I think he gets a lot of uneccesary stick. He tends to be good in most of his film’s. Can remember how he faired in Gangs of NY tho. Day-Lewis outshines everybody.

      • oh, don’t me wrong mark, i think he is a superb actor and he does get some unfair stick, Gangs of new york just happens to be the one i couldn’t say i liked him in, he was good in inception, catch me if you can and was incredible in the aviator, so count me as a fan too.

      • That’s good. That’s good. I’m glad we got that one out the way. Lol.
        What’s eating Gilbert Grape is my favourite of his. He was absolutely marvellous in that.

      • ha, ha – phew!
        The Aviator for me, Shutter Island was good too, i think he’s always better when he is unhinged a little. He has quite a body of work to his credit, that’s for sure.

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