‘SuperHero’ Month, Turbo Review: Batman and Robin (1997)

Apologies well in advance, but this is going to be my final Superhero month review and I wish I could go out on a high, sadly I can’t, and in this Turbo Review I may break from my normal objective/fair style, because quite simply this movie is one of the worst I have ever seen.

What makes it an even bitter pill to swallow is that it’s a Batman film! My eyes weep!

It was on ITV4 last night (UK) and I wasn’t paying for it and morbid curiosity got the better of me, even when I knew it was s***t from when I first (and only) saw it on release at the cinema.

It’s a pure neon mess, George Clooney is dreadful as Batman, Chris O’Donnell is even worse as Robin, the suits have nipples, the set design is awful, the dialogue and the acting is terrible, Uma Thurman is probably as good as it gets and Bane, don’t get me started; and the biggest draw of all, Arnie in a Batman film – will leave you feeling COLD!

I could go on.

The only recommendation I can make is watch it – just to see how bad it is.

This film is so bad – it’s good, but I will look now to provide you with something astonishing.

It is estimated it cost $125 Million to make (IMDB), by 1997 standards, or any year for that matter that is incredible and it also took more than it cost to make (just $130 million). I question where that budget went, as it has the look and feel of one the most expensive TV movies ever!

The film that nearly killed Batman, thank god for Christopher Nolan.

No rating, sorry I just can’t do it, but IMDB has it at 3.6, ‘nuff said!

One response to “‘SuperHero’ Month, Turbo Review: Batman and Robin (1997)

  1. Nipple Suits FTW!

    It is one of those movies that I remember enjoying in the stupidity of my youth, but upon mature examination found it to be dumb. It is interesting, I think, to look back at a lot of things you liked as a kid and see if they hold up as an adult. Most movies haven’t fared well under this test, but toys and television shows do well, especially a lot of the Warner Brothers’ Saturday morning stock.

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