The Dark Knight Matrix – Why not try it to see what score you get!?

I really couldn’t decide which was the best of Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy, surprising to many perhaps, but after taking in my second view, I couldn’t split them; so I designed The Dark Knight Matrix.

Quite simple really, nothing too perplexing; I have rated the three movies across some important and some fun categories of my own; ten in total including my own review score,  giving a ‘Claratsi’ total out of 100.

I have also used a ‘bible’ score from IMDB, review scores from TotalFilm and Empire (these are the magazines I have historically read the most), and scores from Rotten Tomatoes and Metacritic to give an overall percentage out of 430.

It was fun, and opinion is obviously such a personal thing, but my slightly mathematically approach has concluded that The Dark Knight is just the winner with a percentage of 91.8% with The Dark Knight Rises second at 88.7%, followed by Batman Begins on 83.6%; but it’s clear that Nolan has created one of THE greatest trilogies ever and with high scores right across the board both critically and publicly, it’s a hell of an achievement.

Apologies if you have trouble reading it, but it was a ball-ache to get it to how I wanted it.

6 responses to “The Dark Knight Matrix – Why not try it to see what score you get!?

  1. Very interesting approach! You know I like my statistics so this really speaks to me.
    Using the same scoring chart on top, I got 91, 98, 96 in order and that firmly puts TDK as my favorite with the other stats too. Such a great trilogy.

    • Hey thanks glad you applied its use too, I love stats too, and it actually worked out well which I was pleased with, TDK just gets the gold! Thanks again!

  2. Very interesting approach in going after these films. Statistics and movies ostensibly don’t go together — but I think you’ve done something here.

    Enjoying the site.

  3. This is an easy call for me. The second one was the best. The performance by Heath Ledger was just outstanding. I loved the first one as well, it was great reboot to the series. The last film for me anyway, was disappointing. Nolan seemed to lose his way a bit and the movie is riddled with plot holes and missteps. Interesting analytical approach though. I liked it!

    • Hey Griff, I have seen a little of the light recently, I am to mark Rises down to 9 which would make TDK win by a bigger margin (I always had TDK winning anyhoo). But Rises is still awesome in my biased Batman opinion.
      Glad you liked the approach, I was just messing about with it at the time to see what I would get. Thanks for dropping by.

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