‘SuperHero’ Month: Top Ten ‘Hero’ movies

I have been meaning to publish this list for a while now but I was waiting for The Dark Knight Rises to arrive to see if it could make into my Top Ten, it has, along with The Dark Knight and Batman Begins; that’s all of Christopher Nolan’s trilogy, probably not surprising and very likely to be in many peoples list of their favourite superhero movies. Yes, I know Batman is not a superhero, but I guess that is what makes him (probably) the most popular ‘hero’.

The list also reflects how good a year 2012 has been for comic book movies, fact being that The Avengers and TDKR has taken them onto an all new level, and likely to be taken further still.

Here’s my list:

The Dark Knight (2008) (Review)simply put, the greatest hero movie yet. Christopher Nolan took it to the next level with a unique imagining of The Joker and completely epic story telling.

Watchmen (2009) (Review) The alternative comic book story like no other, Zach Snyder’s epic is as real and surreal as they come, it’s mindboggling, brilliant and important.

Superman (1978) Christopher Reeve’s Man of Steel is still the yardstick for many a hero. A Nostalgic choice perhaps, but revisit it and see that it is still brilliant!

The Avengers (2012) (Review) Less dark, but immense; a comic book movie in the truest (entertainment) form, big, brash and mega. Years in the making, its simple premise to get as many Marvel heroes in one film delivered.

Blade 2 (2002) Superior sequel to 1998’s original with Guillermo Del Toro at the helm. With retrospect, Blade arguably launched the period of “grown up” hero movies.

Batman Begins (2005) a lesson in how to make an origin story movie significant and re-launch the Bat in style.

The Dark Knight Rises (2012) (Review) As perfect a conclusion to Nolan’s saga as anyone could hope for, lived up to expectation – that’s an achievement.

Iron Man (2008) made Iron man as popular as he always should have been; fun, exhilarating and cool.

The Incredibles (2004) you would expect Disney to do superheroes, big and full of heart; they did.

X-Men: First Class (2011) (Review) Perhaps not everyone’s choice but it’s my favourite X-men movie.


4 responses to “‘SuperHero’ Month: Top Ten ‘Hero’ movies

  1. You are not alone; X-men: First Class is my favorite X-men film as well. It made me a Fassbender fan.

  2. I’m sure you know I’m not on board with TDKR by now… but I’m not. LOL.

    Aside from that though, this is a solid list. I like the inclusion of Blade 2. Personally I like Hellboy 2 as the “Best del Toro superhero movie” 😀 but they couldnt crack my list….

    First class over the other two X-Men, huh? (note I said TWO LOL :D) Interesting, interesting…

    • Ha, and yeh first class over the others, i really liked it. Blade was excellent and ushered an age of adult, dark hero movies, I can tell you’re not on board with TDK, which is fair enough my friend. i loved them and TDK is just the greatest for me. Great topic and thanks for the visit sir!

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