‘Superhero’ Month: What now after The Avengers and TDKR? How about the Man of Steel Trailer?

Time waits for no Superhero fan!

2012 has delivered the two biggest comic book movies yet, The Avengers and The Dark Knight Rises.

Now that many of us are coming down from the rush that both of these exceptional movies gave us, our thoughts turn to the next big thing; that could be  Man of Steel, the latest Superman movie from Watchmen director Zach Snyder.

I enjoyed Superman Returns, but truth be told, it wasn’t what it should have been, and many were largely disappointed by it.

Hopes are high for the latest re-boot and as early as it might be, I have confidence that Snyder will deliver a movie worthy of the Superman name, as Watchmen was incredible and even Sucker Punch had some true visionary moments.

Check it out here at  apple trailers


10 responses to “‘Superhero’ Month: What now after The Avengers and TDKR? How about the Man of Steel Trailer?

  1. I loved Sucker Punch. Unfortunately I’m one of the few people who did. I can’t wait for Man of Steel.

  2. After Superman Returns and Snyder’s track record…I’m very cautious to get my hopes up. Most of the Smallville scenes were actually filmed about 20 miles from me, so that was neat to see some shots of the sets and I do love Michael Shannon too. I dunno, I want it to be great I just don’t think it will be the Batman Begins to the Superman franchise.

    • Cautious yes, but I think Snyder can deliver a meaningful origin story, to rival batman begins? Perhaps not. Michael Shannon is ace, loved him in boardwalk empire and take shelter.

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