IMAX: The Reality.

As I wrote in a previous post, Dreaming of IMAX and The Dark Knight’s return, my thoughts were very much on my anticipation for my first IMAX experience and my excitement for The Dark Knight Rises.

Last Saturday evening with my wingman ’Gibbo’, I sat and took in Christopher Nolan’s third Batman offering and one of the most exhilarating movie experiences I have ever had.

Make no mistake, IMAX offers a completely different cinematic ride that everyone needs to reward themselves with, and there’s no better time than now, for TDKR is surely the greatest exponent of the format yet.

Nolan’s endorsement is evident with a reported total of an hours’ worth of IMAX footage; seeing massive street battles and mega cityscapes on the much bigger screen is immense.

On entering the theatre, not only was I struck by the cleaner, larger auditorium but as I turned to the front the most “biblical” (Gibbo’s phrase not mine) of movie screens. I knew it was going to be big, but really, it was colossal!

On taking my seat in the sturdiest, most comfortable chair I have ever had the pleasure of resting on in my movie going history, the pictures began to be presented on screen, and to my surprise in much higher definition. I did not know that the picture quality of IMAX was so superior.

But the biggest surprise was the sound, I was expecting a big screen, but the sound in the IMAX theatre was incredible. The most impressive part was the complete immersion it gave; I couldn’t pick out any one discernible speaker as the noise was around me, upon me and beneath me.  The Earth literally moved as thunder rolled through the theatre.

So, as I promised to report back on my first IMAX adventure, I can now safely say that it was incredible and I would highly recommend to everyone to spend a little extra to go see the latest blockbuster in all its glory. Why not start with The Dark Knight Rises because the film wasn’t bad either!


One response to “IMAX: The Reality.

  1. Being the “Wingman”, even I was impressed by IMAX the only criticism is the price £15.05 seems, in a recession, a little steep. But I suppose if you only went a few time a year then its good as a treat…..
    But…… Dark Knight Rises on IMAX is the only way too see this film, it is truly “biblical”……..lmao

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