‘Turbo Review’: Cowboys and Aliens

Plot: Daniel Craig wakes in the desert with a strange bracelet on his wrist; he then stumbles into western town Absolution, whose people live in fear of abduction from raiding Alien invaders.

Characters/acting: Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford cruise through this. Plenty of stereotypical characters and Sam Rockwell is underused. Craig’s mystery man with no name from the desert, which turns out to be Jake Lonergan, is solid enough as is pretty much everyone. Olivia Wilde’s love interest hints at knowing something more, resulting in a curious but welcome plot turn.

Script: Some laughs, some decent action, plenty of mystery and a good play on cowboys and Indians versus Aliens. Little emotion though, and the pairing of Craig and Ford isn’t fully exploited. With Bond and Indy on the same screen there should have been much more bravado and bromance.

Direction: Nice, Jon Favreau returns to his adventure roots, balancing action and tension with some very neatly designed Aliens.

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly – Ha! Applies quite well here.

Cowboys and Aliens is decent. Very watchable, but doesn’t really provide enough original apart from the mashing up of Sci Fi and Western. It could have been a more laughable premise but it’s handled astutely enough, but gives too many nods to many a sci-fi and western.

Tongue in cheek play on a Cowboy, Sci Fi mash up, at times fun, exhilarating and entertaining – good!

Bad! – It’s fair to expect more of a Bond and Indy collaboration. Very little original. Early mystery is stripped away pretty quick, with some predictable reveals.

Ugly! – Those Aliens are pretty ugly!

Overall: 7/10, mild rather than wild west, but worth a look!


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