‘Turbo’ Reviews – A new feature to ClaratsiMovieBlog!

I watch a lot of movies, so to provide a public service to all I am launching ‘Turbo’ Reviews.

Now, because I know we all lead hectic lives, wouldn’t it be nice if you could just read a review that gave it to you simple, Is it worth a watch or not?

These reviews will basically just pick out the main highlights of the movie, the good, the bad and an overall opinion of whether a recommend is in order, all in a disposable format that will serve to help in the decision to watch or not, to fit in with all our busy lifestyles.

Now disposable doesn’t mean that the movies reviewed will necessarily be bad, just entertaining popcorn movies (hopefully).

Either way ‘turbo’ reviews should be beneficial to all and I may save you watching something horrible and money in turn. You’re welcome.

6 responses to “‘Turbo’ Reviews – A new feature to ClaratsiMovieBlog!

    • Fear not my man I will still try to give good full reviews at the heart of it. It’s hard sometimes to write in detail about ‘popcorn’ movies and most peeps probably just want a recommend or not. I will see how it goes. Gonna post my first tomorrow I think.

      • It’s a good idea. Some film’s aren’t worthy of your time or effort. I often spend too much time writing about pure pishy movies. I’ll keep an eye out for your first post.

    • go for it, it worked for me. It’s hard to write about some movies, i liked this one, it was entertaining and i do like Hardy and Pine. defo a popcorn movie, but we all love a bit of that from time to time. Thanks for the comment.

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