July is Superhero month at ClaratsiMovieBlog!!!


July is Superhero month on ClaratsiMovieBlog!

July is a monumental month for superhero movies, with the most anticipated of a weighty summer still to come in The Dark Knight Rises.

I have pondered when to launch this theme; I was going to do it back in May with the release of The Avengers, but being more of a Bat fan, it seemed more fitting to do it now.

To celebrate was is surely the most keenly awaited release of the year, I will be reviewing as many hero movies as possible throughout July on the run up to the final instalment of Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight saga, climaxing with a review of what I hope will be the greatest hero movie yet. My IMAX tickets are booked for 21st July, so I will try to get it posted as soon after as possible.

I will be reviewing all the Batman movies, even Joel Schumacher’s Batman and Robin and I will attempt to take on the superb “unfilmable”, maybe unreviewable, Watchmen!

So, if there are any superhero movies you would like to see reviewed or recommend I should see, let me know.



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