Dreaming of IMAX and The Dark Knight’s return…

On Tuesday evening I took the life shattering decision to book my tickets for The Dark Knight Rises, in IMAX!

It may seem pretty ordinary news but I have never watched a film in IMAX or ever actually pre-booked tickets for a film, well perhaps Episode 1 at its original release…I think?

As a big advocate of cinema and the ‘experience’ it offers that nothing else can, I do admit I still thought long about this BIG decision considering the £15 ticket price!

Pricey indeed, but after booking, I felt a certain satisfaction and a tremendous amount of excitement looking forward to the experience to come; because make no mistake The Dark Knight Rises will be an experience, either living up to expectations or crushing them. My hopes lye with the former of course, but I am already prepared for the realistic expectation that it could, only slightly, not be as good as all the hype, but could it?

Writing earlier about my worries and expectations for The Dark Knight, a sense of realism has set in as I get closer to July 20th, tempering the hype with the reasonable expectation of being content with just a damn good movie! Is it realistic to expect and be happy with, an entry that doesn’t match The Dark Knight? Does anyone truly expect ‘Rises’ to match The Dark Knight, never mind surpass it?

Either way, I am going to love my first IMAX experience, fifteen quid or not, and as a cinema goer my fifteen notes buys me some hefty Bat-action, with a runtime of 2 hours 45minutes (15 minutes longer than The Dark Knight – Epic!) and my duty to keep the experience alive, paying the going rate when cinema footfall is dwindling.

First time is always a charm!

P.S. Even booking so far in advance as I have, I still couldn’t get a showing for Friday 20th July, having to opt for the 21st. If you want to get in there make it soon.

What are your expectations of ‘Rises’ – will it better The Dark Knight?

Tell me your IMAX experiences?

11 responses to “Dreaming of IMAX and The Dark Knight’s return…

  1. I cannot wait to see this in full over the top IMAX goodness, yes the price is steep (OK not steep, its feckin vertical) but for what could be an epic movie, it deserve to be seen on an epic scale and the 21st cannot arrive soon enough.
    Will “Rises” match or surpass Dark Knight…………. only time will tell on that on

  2. Going to see TDKR in IMAX may not cost as much as a trip on the space shuttle but both are worth their respective prices. I saw The Dark Knight in IMAX and when that scene where Batman takes a nose dive off the skyscrapper happened, it made me miss the next five minutes of the film ‘cuz I had to go clean myself up. It’s a format that’s mind-bogglingly good for a film like a Christopher Nolan Batman.

    On a pithy side note, I don’t care for the new bat mask. Is it me or is there something that just feels off about it.

  3. I only recently had my first IMAX experience and it was when I went to watch Prometheus. Every other time I’ve watched a 3D movie I’ve not been too impressed, I seem to just forget about the 3D after a while, different story with IMAX 3D!
    It’s truly amazing, sitting right back in your chair and having all your vision filled with screen is how such epic movies should be seen, you will enjoy it!

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