Comment – Warner Bros’ announces scribe for Justice league that may finally get a DC ensemble off the ground.

News that Warner Bros’ have hired a writer for a potential Justice League movie is welcome news to my ears indeed. The reported scribe is Will Beall, his latest work being on Gangster Squad who has been in place for some time, much like the desire for Warner to green light an ensemble movie to rival Marvel’s.

Coming not too long after the not so shocking box office takings of Marvel’s Avengers, it’s no surprise that Warner has timed the announcement for now, what better time to strike when audience demand for hero get-togethers is highest?

Personally, this is even more exciting than the prospect of further Marvel ensemble movies, which don’t get me wrong, I loved – really loved, but the mouth-watering prospect of Batman, Superman et al all finally brought together is far more salivating surely? Not only that, but we may also get the tantalising prospect of franchise follow ups or re-launches for DC’s other heroes to go with  Man of Steel due next year, and the looming giant, The Dark Knight Rises.

Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy changed the game for Warner and DC as well as setting the new standard, how compatible is this vision of Batman with a Justice League story? Will this vision be lost when Nolan hands over the reins? – Hopefully not, as Nolan is set to remain on in some capacity, just not directing.

The Dark Knight is the flagship for Warner; hopefully this blueprint will be followed.

Zack Snyder is in place directing the next Superman instalment; could he helm a Justice League movie given his success with the magnificent Watchmen? His vision seems compatible with the dark set by Nolan for Warner/DC characters and the adult tone of Watchmen may be a good fit for a DC ensemble.

Source: Variety


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