Claratsi Movie Review

With a quite spectacular prologue that adds even more mystery to the plethora of questions already raised since the announcement of Ridley Scott’s long awaited re-entry into sci-fi, hopes for Prometheus are lifted to equal the level of hype that has surrounded this pseudo ‘Alien’ prequel; make no mistake this is a prequel, perhaps not quite inhabiting the same ‘xenomorphic’ world seen before, but certainly so in terms of timeline and in the connecting of the ‘Alien’ dots.

The ship Prometheus is heading for LV-223 after scientists Elizabeth Shaw (Noomi Rapace) and Charlie Holloway (Logan Marshall-Green) find a repeating star pattern in ancient cave drawings and artefacts dotted about the globe which may answer the question of man’s own origins.

A two year hyper-sleep journey takes us across space to a bleak, hostile world where the identical reconnaissance of a mystery Alien structure takes place, before the usual and expected…

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    • welllllll….ha nothing radical but glad your looking out i didnt know what it actually did in terms of how it looks to be honest because i have never used the feature before. it does publish it on wordpress reader which is of benefit for publishing older material that may have been missed but not really for recent stuff. I know its good for reblogging other people’s stuff and a common method used for networking and getting more traffic (if ever you want me to do that with any of your stuff as a way of networking further i can and vice versa) but makes my site look messy now.

      • Call me anal but I like to keep my site fairly tidy. It causes less confusion. If were to re-blog though, I’m assuming when you do it, it shows up on your page again and you have duplicates or else something else’s post on your site? I can see the sense in doing it but my traffic is actually okay. I’m averaging about a 1000 hits a month. I’m quite happy with that.

      • I would never call anyone anal, but i understand the need for tidyness and your site has a clear structure and vision which as you know i really like, i think your site is cool and the chosen theme fits too. reblogging does show it up on your site again which was not what i wanted as it has made a mess. my traffic is good too so i have no real need to do it really but it was feature i hadn’t used and experimentation is useful – sometimes. hits encourage and help get a feel for what peeps like, but the thing i have enjoyed the most is the process of writing, but it can be frustrating, sometimes it flows, other times it doesn’t. i haven’t watched the amount of films i would like lately which means i haven’t posted or reviewed enough, but its a goal.

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