Skyfall poster goes retro…

The new, classic looking ‘gun barrel’ Skyfall poster has built the anticipation even more for Bond 23 and its release on 26th October.

Not only does it mark the 50th Anniversary of Bond, but it will be the first in IMAX; with a supreme cast with Daniel Craig returning as well as Ralph Fiennes and Jarvier Bardem.

With Director Sam Mendes at the helm, Skyfall should represent a return to form for Bond and I cant wait!

Is ‘Skyfall’ going to be one of Bond’s best?

7 responses to “Skyfall poster goes retro…

  1. They did a really awesome job with Casio Royale. Quantum of Solace left a lot to be desired, however. Here’s hoping that they can knock it out of the park again.

      • Me too….Casino Royale was fabulous. Craig gave a great performance as a gritty and hard Bond, a little rough around the edges but not without heart too. Brilliant! I don’t want to put too much hope and expectation on the film as I don’t want to be disappointed! even so, I’m still excited about Craig returning as Our favourite secret agent! 🙂 Roll on October!

      • indeed, i think its going to be ACE! and Daniel Craig could cement his place alongside Connery in this one hopefully.

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