The Avengers: Biggest opening movie ever!

Unsurprising news maybe, but The Avengers has released in the US over the weekend to become the biggest opener ever, taking in a staggering $200.3 million.

It has surpassed the previous best set by Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2 by more than $30 million.

Adding to a previous weekend international opening it has taken $575 million worldwide.

It didn’t take a genius to guess that The Avengers would be big, but as noted in my review and “Has ‘The Avengers’ managed to live up to all the hype?” The Avengers is a first; aggressive franchise development on a level never seen before.

Until now we have just had trilogies and sagas, but what Marvel has achieved in creating a huge series of foundation movies is fashion a level of hype and anticipation, so much so, that The Avengers was never going to be just a summer blockbuster, but a behemoth years in the making.

On reflection the build-up movies would best be viewed as one huge marketing campaign, but that wouldn’t have been enough and Marvel managed to make worthy movies in their own right and not just a platform; and thankfully The Avengers itself turned out to be awesome.

This could just be the beginning; The Avengers has brought to a close Marvels first round, but whetted the appetite for a second, not only for us salivating punters but no doubt the suits who will now surely be looking to get a sequel underway.

One day we may well reach superhero burnout, but not yet.


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