Review: Dream House

Sometimes I watch them so you don’t have to…

There’s something wonderful about a new ‘Dream House’; Lick of paint, replacing old with new, polishing everything to perfection. The same can’t be said for this meagre Daniel Craig house of mystery vehicle.

Aspiring novelist Will (Craig) quits his job in the city to write and spend more time with his family in their new home to later find out that the previous occupants were murdered. When a mysterious man appears lurking outside his window Will investigates to find that the murderer is at large after being released from a mental institution. The local authorities are predictably unhelpful and neighbourly shrugs allude to deeper secrets.

First thing about this thriller is, there is nothing thrilling about it and the central evil house premise delivers scant tension. Not only is the house so benevolent and lacking any kind of horrific character but it is placed squarely in a sterile suburbia where there is no feeling of fear of isolation – a quintessential horror house device.

Craig along with Rachel Weisz as the histrionic wife, plod through the script, scurrying back and forth through the mildly terrifying home as not so disturbing events unfold. Naomi Watts plays the evasive neighbour who may know more than her shifty glances are telling.

A midway diversion shocks only in its prematurity, and its poor delivery leaves a ponderous second half that attempts to tie together the very loose -loose ends, all while insulting inexcusably in its mediocre, contrived plotting.

Directed by the accomplished Jim Sheridan, a good cast is wasted; and the biggest mystery is how Craig et al ever got on board.

With better suspenseful delivery of an admittedly clever central plot shift and a building of any genuine tension; ‘Dream House’ could have been polished, regrettably when the final finish was applied, the poor collective workmanship of all only manages to produce a work that feels ramshackle. This ‘Dream House’ needed some tender homely care.

Unshaken and unstirred!

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