Review: M:I 4 – Ghost Protocol

‘The Cruiser’ returns for more impossible mission action in his fourth Ethan Hunt outing in ‘M:I 4 – Ghost Protocol’.

And the one thing that burns through this latest entry is how brilliantly implausible everything in director Brad Bird’s first live action outing is.

‘The Incredibles’ chief not only thinks big, but delivers big in what might be best described as an action jaunt that before now could only be contained within the unlimited boundaries of a Pixar movie, where imagination knows no limits.

But live action doesn’t stop to let bird aspire for a level of sometimes ridiculous, but brilliant action that once underway, after a fairly laboured start, doesn’t pause for breath.

‘Ghost Protocol’ is one big action set piece after another and restores the franchise back to its level of highly improbable breakneck action that all have come to love. The slow motion lingering of John Woo’s M:I 2 gave way to J.J. Abram’s vastly improved, more personal (for Hunt) piece; M:I 4 just delivers big action and big laughs with very little plot – result!

Plot is thin and rehashed; a rogue terrorist intent on nuclear obliteration to restore natural world order, steals a nuclear launch device. After The Kremlin is levelled, the first of the movie’s big set pieces, following Hunt’s break from a Russian prison, his IMF team is disavowed after they are wrongly implicated in what appears to be an American attack on Russia. Yeah, I know you heard all this before.

The result is a series of globe trekking action and situation set pieces to stop Michael Nyqvist’s (The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo) insane terrorist and save the world from annihilation.

Cruise heads to Dubai to hang from the world’s tallest building, a brilliant, vertigo inducing spectacle and onto India for more surveillance mayhem and hysterics as Jeremy Renner’s IMF ‘analyst’ gets to finally show his pre-Bourne action credentials in a ‘heated and magnetic’ scrape; and then onto a race against time final countdown.

Q returns – oh sorry, getting confused with ‘Bond’…Simon Pegg returns as ‘Benji’ to provide the laughs as the team’s point man and some action, now also a  newly ‘qualified’ field agent and Paula Patton plays Jane Carter, the very handy female agent.

‘Tom’ leads the team brilliantly and still carries the action can stupendously at his now ripe age of forty nine; he just keeps ‘cruising’ ably assisted by Renner.

Action is fantastic, with the dangling in Dubai the undoubted highlight along with a brilliantly tense double-deception encounter that is superbly constructed, slowing the pace but building the tension.

‘Ghost Protocol’ is a straight up fun, action blast, while still doing it fresh and big, remembers to  deliver the espionage, deception and gadgetry hallmarks of Mission: Impossible.

Watched on Sky Movies Box Office 1st May 2012



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