BRAND NEW Dark Knight Rises Trailer!

Now, you think The Avengers is big, well on July 20th the summer is going to get a whole lot bigger when ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ once more.

Speculation is rife about what will or won’t happen in Christopher Nolan’s third Batman caper and if you search long and hard enough you will find plenty to spoil your fun.

So instead of doing that check out the brand new latest trailer for The Dark Knight Rises which trust me is immense!

It’s far more revealing, far darker and far bleaker than any of the trailers released so far, just what we like from our favourite anti-hero! Get over to YouTube now to check it out!


10 responses to “BRAND NEW Dark Knight Rises Trailer!

  1. After the first trailer, I was worried the story was essentially Bane replacing the Joker as the go-to terroristic villain, but there seems to be much much more going on here. I can’t wait!

  2. Great trailer. Unfortunately I’m going to be on holiday when it comes out! Which means I’ll have to wait 7 days+ until I can see it!
    Avengers is doing really well at the moment but I’m sure TDKR will even trounce that at the Box Office.

    • Bummer, it will be waiting for you when you return. I think tdkr should beat the avengers box office and it think it will be even better, it looks even darker than tdk which s just what I love!

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