Has ‘The Avengers’ managed to live up to all the hype? Answers to questions, and all spoiler free!

After now seeing the marvellous ‘Avengers’ I can now provide answers to the questions posed in my recent article ’Reasons why ‘The Avengers’ is going to be brilliant and some cautionary thoughts…’

The article was just a series of thoughts on how ‘The Avengers’ was going to turn out, as I and many were, still waiting and wanting it to be as good as all the hype and anticipation. Apart from probably Star Wars Episode 1, I can’t remember a film so hyped and so long in coming; remember what happening with The Phantom Menace?

Well I watched it on Thursday night and it is great, no Episode 1 hangover here. I am planning on going to see it again very soon so with that thought as a barometer you can guess it is pretty good.

You may want to read my review too(spoiler free).

So here are my answers, all completely spoiler free. So read on in confidence.

Note: I always try to keep everything spoiler free, I hate spoilers.

Never has a cast of characters been put together on such a huge scale for a superhero movie before which will surely mean there’s something for everyoneabsolutely so! One of the biggest achievements in The Avengers is that it has managed to bring all of the heroes together brilliantly, not only in the foundation movies but in this movie too. Telling all of the backstory for each character in the foundation movies as intended, has allowed room to assemble the crew brilliantly through a spectacular series of hero v hero battles. These battles are superb and are every superhero fans dream. Each hero is so iconic and we all have our favourite, no one will be disappointed in the amount of time their character is given.

 Hulk Smash! – This latest CG interpretation of The Hulk looks so far to be the best, and he may finally be realised properlyanother yes! Mark Rufallo as the Hulk not only plays the human side of the beast brilliantly but is also used as the look and feel of the green giant as his facial capture was used for the CG; and it works brilliantly because not only does the Hulk finally look like he should, he still looks like Banner too. So he is not some completely unrelated, separate entity to Banner, but part of him. The CG look of Hulk is spot on too, just the right size, right colour and believably ‘cut’. Not the big luminous green blob of Ang Lee’s ‘Hulk’ or sinewy like ‘The Incredible Hulk’. Another thing about Hulk too in The Avengers is that he truly is fearsome, with even the heroes themselves visibly apprehensive about ‘the other guy’ inside Banner. He firmly puts everyone in their place in some fantastic scraps.

 The Avengers will surely be the best of Marvel’s current catalogue of Movies after years of build-up…yes; definitely, it’s bigger than the rest. None of the foundation movies can offer the hero v hero highlights of The Avengers which are awesome or have such a scale of battle seen at the end. The Characterisation and back story has already been done so it’s not deep, it does exactly what it set out to do.

 There is surely going to be some massive scale action (highlighted in the trailer) that could take action in movies to a new level, transformers x10! Just – the final battle is big, but I wanted more. Maybe I’m greedy. The best action is the fascinating hero v hero battles not necessarily the climax. To watch Thor and The Hulk go toe to toe is fandom heaven!

A rumoured runtime of 135 minutes which should cram everything in...Just, it’s a tight runtime. Personally I would have liked to have seen another twenty minutes dedicated to another little skirmish in the run up to the climax that would have set the scene better for the finale. That said another twenty minutes would have sailed it close to three hours which may have affected how many screens the makers could get it on and getting the audiences to their seats in the first place. It’s all about balance.

Having charismatic Tony Stark as seemingly the lead Avenger will be a great move… yes, yes, yes! Let’s face it, Stark is the man as is RDJ. Iron Man steps up to the plate big time and Tony Stark is simply brilliant and hilarious. Everything he says is quick, he owns the comedy of the movie, but he also puts his money where his mouth is and “does play with others” finally becoming a team player. All of the heroes have their moment to lead.

Story being told from Captain America’s perspective will set a definite thread and an emotional connection…not really; any emotion is sacrificed for action and comedy. What Captain America does provide is the ‘nobility’ he has evolved from his own movie into the glue that binds the team together.

Great peril will be provided by the whole reason for the Avengers being ‘assembled’ in the first place, to save the world! Any wider world picture of peril isn’t really touched on for very long; we don’t really see the human plight, perhaps only in an early excursion into Germany. There isn’t a truly real overriding sense of doom, but I don’t think it was intended to be. Its action and comedy heavy and is everything you would want and expect.


All in all The Avengers is superb and achieves what it sets out to do; I don’t think it could have been much better than it was.

If you are going to see it this weekend then enjoy and I hope my review and these answers have quashed any concerns you may have had, because it was either going to always be a bit of a let-down or it was going to be awesome. I am happy to report it is awesome – enjoy!

Are you going to see The Avengers? – leave a comment!

Have you seen The Avengers, does it live up to the hype? – leave a comment! (try to be spoiler free for others)





4 responses to “Has ‘The Avengers’ managed to live up to all the hype? Answers to questions, and all spoiler free!

  1. For me The Avengers was everything I wanted to be then some. Though there were a few things that was missing for me personally, but it would be nitpicking. I thought Cap was way better in this film then he was in his own from not only the character standpoint but also in his fight sequences too. Though I wish the film was a bit longer, I would have gladly sat inthe cinema for a few more moments of Avengers awesomeness.

    • Cap was well better, didnt like ‘captain america’ very much in his own movie. I just never thought Evans was the best choice. i think it could have been longer. the finally battle just came on a bit quick and their could have been another build up skirmish to it that would have set the scene better. Thor, Hulk and Iron Man stole the show for me.

  2. This movie is waaaaaaaaaaaaaay to hyped up and the reviews are not as good as the movie. Don’t get me wrong the movie is good but not great. 7.9 out of 10. The whole time I was waiting for a pepsi promo to pop up and say ” hulk likes pepsi!”

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