Post ‘Bane’ Tom Hardy returns in 1st Trailer for ‘Lawless’

Lawless Poster

With an absolutely stellar cast, ‘Lawless’ starring Tom Hardy and Shia LeBeouf looks superb.

It tells the story of the Bondurant brothers, whose gang’s bootlegging, grabs the attention of the authorities and bigger fish gangsters.

Set in the american depression era (always a good period for this sort of stuff) its looks to be a great mix of action, sibling rivalry and great actors no doubt chewing through some meaty dialogue.

From the director of ‘The Proposition’ and ‘The Road’; John Hillcott, expect ‘Lawless’ to be more meaningful than the usual Tommy gun frolics.

Also starring Gary Oldman and Guy Pierce we may just have another period epic on our hands.

P.S. “Apparently” Lebeouf beat up on Hardy during some on-set fisticuffs, can’t see it – like a Chihuahua besting a Rottweiler!

Check out the Trailer at here


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