Can Nolan ‘Rise’ to better The Dark Knight? – Part 2 (and some latest pictures)

The biggest movie event of the year for me will most surely be The Dark Knight Rises, the third film in Christopher Nolan’s masterful Batman saga. I don’t think I have ever anticipated a movie so much since Star Wars: Episode 1 and err, The Dark Knight.

With an awesome cast brought together again for Nolan’s last Bat film with new additions too, it looks set to bring this saga of The Dark Knight movies to a glorious conclusion.

But again with all this expectation and excitement it could easy build the hype too far, where expectations go beyond the norm. The Dark knight saga is already well beyond the standard in terms of ‘hero’ movies and epic story telling. As with Batman’s vigilante justice, The Dark Knight’s brilliance, and Batman Begins before it, “changed things”. The Dark Knight set the new bar for ‘hero’ movies.

Again my thoughts turn to concerns for The Dark Knight Rises, because this film is so important and too big, and I personally have so much hope for it to majestically bring the curtain down on what could be one the greatest trilogies of films. I am waiting for another (rare) ‘perfect trilogy’ to be completed.

I commented in March about similar thoughts about TDKR, you can check them out here, now a month closer to July’s release here’s my latest thoughts.

So let me get underway and please, please comment afterwards with any thoughts you may have, and you may be able to dispel some of my concerns.

Bane is going to be a truly powerful adversary for Batman. Great Villains can make or break a hero movie, but can Tom Hardy’s superhuman villain match the brilliant standard set by Heath Ledger’s Joker? The Joker is Batman’s ultimate enemy, is Bane and Batman’s dynamic near the same standard? We will all most likely make comparisons with Tom Hardy’s Bane and Ledger’s Joker even though Bane is a different proposition all together to The Joker and presents Batman with a different problem that may test The Dark Knight’s “one rule” once more.

The Dark Knight Rises has not just one, but two villains; it can be difficult to balance the play when having two big villains. Can Catwoman really get enough game time against Bane? Catwoman is one of the most iconic bat villains and a strong female character and I hope she is done justice where Bane is surely going to be nemesis number one and a rumoured reappearance by Ra’s al Ghul. Nolan though has managed to do it superbly having two villains in each of his Bat films so far.

‘Rises’ is going to be even better than The Dark Knight but wait, surely it can’t better Nolan’s brilliant first sequel. The Dark Knight has set such an astronomical standard that no matter how good ‘Rises’ is, will it be realistic to think it can even equal The Dark Knight?

A rumoured runtime of just over two hours might still be enough time to introduce any new characters and still wrap up Nolans’ bat trilogy, but is two hours enough? If Nolan is true to the source and what Bane does to Batman, there is a lot to squeeze into two hours. After having a quick look at the prologue for The Dark Knight Rises, I think we are going to be hitting the ground running. I am concerned by the prospect of a runtime of just over two hours; I can’t see it being enough.

Nolan hasn’t made a bad film, is he due one? If you believe in the law of averages, we are all due a bad day at some point. Nolan has now made ten films (including TDKR) which are all widely considered to be good or great. He doesn’t have a bad film on his CV; let’s hope TDKR isn’t the first one.

Again going with my gut, I think The Dark Knight Rises is going to be brilliant by any standard and will close Nolan’s trilogy with a huge bang. I can’t see it bettering The Dark Knight, but if it was to equal it well that would be enough for me and a reasonable expectation. I sense it will be VERY dark, emotional and may spring some surprises. I can see Nolan giving us an ending of huge magnitude that may completely mess with our heads, he’s good at that. I can’t wait to watch and review it. I wish it was the 20th July!

Will The Dark Knight Rises better TDK?

Will TDKR complete Nolan’s ‘perfect trilogy’?

3 responses to “Can Nolan ‘Rise’ to better The Dark Knight? – Part 2 (and some latest pictures)

  1. I agree with you, it’s quite the tricky bag of expectations for a Nolan/Batman fan combined. Another scenario is that this year is also considered a Marvel vs DC year in terms of Comc superhero releases and performance. If The Dark Knight Rises doesn’t outdo Marvel regardless of the fact that Marvel has two contenders (Avengers, Spiderman), it will be quite the debate in geek circles hehehe…. Simply emphasises the weight on DC, Nolan and ‘Batman’ himself 😉 Good read.

    • I think The Dark Knight Rises will better the Avengers but it could be close as Marvel seem to have still managed to keep their films light even when their moving slightly into a darker tone. They are giving everybody something to like. I am looking forward to Rises more than anything but Avengers has really built and built up. thanks for your comment.

      • No probs, i do hope TDKR wins it.I appreciate the depth DC comics have been putting in their comic book adaptations EXCLUDING Green Lantern, even Jonah Hex was forgivable compared to GL…
        Marvel have always ticked me off with how they botched The Punisher and Wolverine.

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