Even more ‘Avengers’ clips!

Even more great ‘Avengers’ stuff, I bet you can probably guess that I am getting pretty excited now about what could be THE big ensemble movie of the summer.

As big, bold movie campaigns go, the amount of new stuff trickling through on line is quite astonishing for ‘The Avengers’ and Marvel studios have been relentless in slowly giving us more and more as we grow closer to the US release on 05th May and even earlier in the UK on 26th April.

Marvel has done a great job in publicising their movie, building on the ever expected success of the long awaited super-superhero movie. It will be massive!

These latest clips are some of the best yet and you can check them out here at IMDB.com and empireonline.com.


3 responses to “Even more ‘Avengers’ clips!

  1. This film is looking so awsome!!! I am super jealous you get to see this a whole week before I do. I also like the UK title better.

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