The ‘other’ verdict part 2: Wendy’s (partly) first blog

The skill in writing (or lack of it) and ‘blogging’ for me, very much depends on the love of the subject and in turn the time needed to watch, reflect and get down on paper what you actually want to write about.

Obviously my chosen love is movies and like many of you out there, you will know the time and thought it takes to write something worth reading (hopefully).

Now, I would love to say I was always ably assisted in my viewing and writing by my nearest and dearest but I am not; you see – she doesn’t really share the same love of movies as me and will “quite happily sit without the TV on”??? Not attempting to create any stereotypes, but she likes other things you see, shopping, shoes, her I Pad! (Which is pretty cool!). Opposites attract they say and in terms of loving movies we couldn’t be any more different, but she is giving thought to getting her own blog, I suggested ‘décor’.

So I thought I would share some nuggets of opinion she has voiced in recent years (just for giggles) about some movies from a novice point of view (she freely admits this), could she be right, do us ‘bloggers’ and movie lovers just over analyse sometimes?

Here goes!

Tree of life: “WTF, very random, obscure. Why would Brad Pitt agree to be in it? What were all the ‘squirly’ sea scenes, dinosaurs?”

In fairness, I would think many would have this opinion of the clearly ambitious Terrence Malick Movie, I didn’t really get it myself but I am going to revisit it as I could have been wrong. As a piece of work there is much to admire so I will respectfully give it another look.

The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford: “ too much of; man riding across the plains, I like horses but 2 minutes ride to the left, pause, 2 minutes to the right, bit of chat, more silent riding, boring!?

I guess that’s one point of view.

Iron Man 2: “I don’t even remember at what point I fell asleep and cinema chairs aren’t even that comfy”

It was pretty poor and was a massive disappointment.

The Dark Knight: “I liked it, but the Joker dude is very scary, I can’t watch any bit with him in”

He is pretty scary!

Lord of the Rings: “ I don’t know how anybody can keep still or awake for that length of time, they might be good films, if they were half as long I might give them a go”

So she does appreciate them as good films, wait til I hit her with the ‘extended editions’ – she is going to love that!

The Matrix: “I would like to be able to watch them to look at Keanu, but really what is the point, a remake of ‘power rangers’ for adults but better dressed”

Ha, Ha, Ha….ha-ha, ha, ha, ha brilliant!

Sunset Boulevard: “yes, I liked that”

Hooray we got one! I guess class is permanent.

There will be blood: “ I liked that too, didn’t like the end”

We got another one, are we on a roll…?

Star Wars: “I liked the one in 3D (The Phantom Menace), I liked Jar Jar binks when he is hanging of the tank cannon, light hearted fun. I don’t like the other Star Wars really, but the attraction of 3D persuaded me to see it and I’m glad I did”

I clearly have some work to do; the 3D release of the ‘better’ Star Wars movies can’t come quick enough.

In summary, I would like to say that my love is a very intelligent lady and was fully consentual (signed: Wendy 09/04/12)  in this tongue in cheek production. She just doesn’t love movies like I do, which I respect.

The great thing about movies is that we are all entitled to an opinion and they can be very varied from one to another.

Thank you darling, you have just partly wrote your first blog x


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