‘Top Ten’ – Star Wars spacecraft

If you’re a thirty something like me, you will be part of the same generation of many who had the privilege to be around at an age to enjoy Star Wars and live the magic as a child for the very first time.

Star wars had great characters, settings and story but also had some of the best Spacecraft that any Galaxy had ever seen. George Lucas created something unique in Star Wars, imagining a ‘used’ world of creatures and worlds old and young; and spacecraft that were ancient and battered and sometimes in great need of repair.  All this made Star Wars more believable and tangible than any other Sci-Fi world.

We can thank the late great Ralph McQuarrie for many of the concepts of design in Star wars, but the Spacecraft of the Saga where the greatest achievement. The Concepts and designs of the ships of Star Wars were spectacular and brilliant and not to mention that they made for some of the coolest toys any kid ever had!

Here is my list of the ‘Top Ten’ Star Wars spacecraft and their ‘cool’ toy features (for fun!).

Please be sure to comment below as I am sure many will have their own list of favourites.

10. 74-Z Speeder Bike Fast, cool and dangerous! What more would you want from a bike tearing through the Endor jungle?

Great scene: The Speeder Bike provided one of the coolest, thrilling scenes of ROTJ as Luke and Leia are pursued by Imperial Scout Troopers, who too looked pretty Darn cool!

Cool toy feature: the ability to blow the speeder bike up at the press of a springy button!

9. AT-ST: All Terrain Scout Walker, The Clunky bipedal scout vehicle seen in ROTJ and TESB that wasn’t really that ‘All Terrain’ after all as cute little woolly Ewoks took them down with rocks and very big logs!

Great scene: The Scout walker loses it balance on a pile of logs, and then comically topples over!

Cool toy feature: The creaky walking action at your fingertips at the press of another springy button.

8. T47 Air (snow) Speeder, David to the AT-AT’s goliath in one of the most memorable battles in all of Star Wars, the Imperial Assault on the ice world of Hoth, in the saga’s greatest movie.

Great scene: Brilliantly modified to defend the AT-AT assault in the Icy conditions, unforgettably ‘harpooning’ the mighty walking terrain vehicle. A super cool, super tough machine that brilliantly represents Lucas’ theme of a ‘used universe’.

Cool toy feature: Sadly my Mum and Dad never got me one of these. Suggestions please?

7. T65 X Wing Star fighter, the little ship that destroyed the Death Star, piloted by Luke Skywalker in A New Hope. The X Wing named for its adaptable attack position s-foils was one of the Iconic craft that launched the Saga. Brilliant design, I think nodding to Bi-planes of old; and a brilliant little craft that represented ‘hope’ for the rebellion again in the David v Goliath battle.

Great scene: “lock s-foils in attack position” The unfurling of the X wing!

Cool toy feature: Pressing R2’s head to open the wings.

6. Death Star, “that’s no moon” – Damn right! The most fearsome weapon in the entire Galaxy; the planet sized battle station that was capable of destroying worlds in seconds. Rebuilt for ROTJ after being obliterated in ANH, The Death Star was the ultimate weapon and the most terrifying device at the disposal of the Empire.

Great scene: the first demonstration of the power of the Death Star as it unleashes it laser on Alderaan.

Cool toy feature: I don’t know if there was one, there was a myth that one existed and some pretty lucky kids in the world may have had it, there have been Lego ones, let me know? Comment below.

5. Star Destroyer/Super Star Destroyer, The Most deadly ‘wedge’ in the universe, the flagship vessel in the imperial fleet, capable of navigating through vast asteroid fields and battling vast armies of rebel ships. A Truly uniquely designed craft that gave us one the greatest movie openings ever.

Great scene: The opening to A New hope, as the gigantic vessel glides into view, dwarfing Princess Leia’s Rebel blockage runner.

Cool toy feature: Think there may only be Lego ones of this one. Comment below if you know different.

4. Tie Fighter, the ultimate dog fighting attack ship, a superb bat like design, highly manoeuvrable, completely menacing. A brilliant design that became one of the most memorable star fighters in all of Star Wars.

Great scene: dogfighting battles with rebel X-wing fighters.

Cool toy feature: it was just cool!

3. Slave I, II, III, IV, Bounty hunter Jango fett’s ship, inherited by son Boba, seen in brilliant scenes in TESB and AOTC.

Great scene scene: One of the highlights of the second prequel film in a pursuit of Obi Wan through an asteroid field. A thoroughly unique ship, nothing like it seen in all of Star Wars.

Cool toy feature: Han Solo frozen in carbonite, which sat nicely in the ship’s hold.

2. AT AT(All Terrain Armoured Transport), totally menacing and unique walking tank first seen in The Empire Strikes Back. Superb design that helped create one the greatest set pieces in the whole Star Wars saga, the battle of Hoth.

Great Scene: The revealing of the oncoming AT-AT from a far through Rebel binoculars, providing a foreboding sense of the menacing assault to come.

Cool toy feature: It was a big toy, it had a cargo hold, and it had big moving legs and lasers!

1. Millennium Falcon, without question the greatest ship in all of Star Wars. The battle hardening smuggling ship of Han Solo that was old and broken but completely cool and beautiful. It was quick too “it made the Kessel Run in less than twelve parsecs.”

Great scene: It’s many sideways turning shotgun escapes form asteroid fields and exploding death stars!

Cool toy feature: the side mounted cockpit, rotating laser cannon, smuggling compartments and a detachable lid!

Agree? What’s your Top Ten? – comment below


7 responses to “‘Top Ten’ – Star Wars spacecraft

  1. I would agree with your star wars vehicle countdown.I I was lucky enough to actually have a T47 Air (snow) Speeder, the coolest thing was when you pressed a button on it the gun barrels lit up and made a noise,plus you had a little plastic harpoon on string that was detachable from the gun, so if you had the AT AT(All Terrain Armoured Transport) you do the cable round the legs bit. The original Tie Fighter toy had a red light on the front and an annoying noise, as though you where firing your laser at Luke,lol.
    But it was not the best Tie Fighter, Darth Vader’s was better, the Darth Vader Tie Fighter had the same light and sound plus the wings could be ejected off it (coooool)
    I also like the following vehicles in the film and as toys as well:

    Twin-Pod Cloud Car
    The Rebel Transporter
    The Y Wing Fighter
    The B Wing Fighter
    The Imperial Shuttle
    The Tie Interceptor
    The Desert Sail Skiff
    The Tatooine Skiff

  2. I had a X wing fighter as a kid with an electronic R2D2 however i dont know anyone who wouldnt want to be on a AT AT. I could easily wipe Widnes off the Map!

  3. These old movie with such deep universes are great for lists like these. I only wish the blasters were as varied and memorable as the ships! Really, only Han’s blaster sticks out in my mind.

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