“Great Scott!” – Ridley does it again with brilliant new ‘Prometheus’ trailer.

Prometheus Poster

The Full length ‘Prometheus’ trailer has launched online and it now looks even more stunning than the teasers have shown us so far.

Unless you have been somewhere else for the last couple of months you may know nothing about Ridley Scott’s re-entry into Sci-Fi that has quite rightly brought all kinds of comparisons with ‘Alien’ and massive amounts of speculation about its linkage to the classic saga.

The new trailer reveals a little more in terms of story line but still gives little away, which is great. It looks awesome and I cannot wait until its released on 1st June

Check out the new ‘Prometheus’ trailer here.


6 responses to ““Great Scott!” – Ridley does it again with brilliant new ‘Prometheus’ trailer.

  1. I think the trailer for Prometheus look excellent…they give you just enough to want to go and see it, but don’t seem to ruin the mystery of the film.
    The linkage between the Prometheus film and the Alien Quadrilogy is plain to see, the Egg shaped object by the giant face…very Alien.
    The Giant Ship itself….looks every similar to that in the Alien film
    But the clincher for me is the Pilot….if that does not scream of Alien then I don’t know what does…
    The film seem to be very much a prequel to Alien, but in the same light looks like a film you watch on its own without having seen the other alien films before hand

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