New Dark Shadows trailer looks ‘funky’

The first trailer for the latest Johnny Depp and Tim Burton colaboration is online today.

Now this may all sound familiar, Depp stars as Barnabas Collins who is transformed into a vampire and buried alive by a Witch (Eva Green).

Its Certain to be Dark and Gothic, what else would we expect from another Depp – Burton offering? but it does seem to promise some laughs as Collins returns from the Grave 200 years later into funky 1972.

It actually looks even greater fun than usual Burton offerings that have always had  dark humour, but Dark Shadows looks a little more hilarious than normal.

ohhhhh, Helena Bonham Carter is in it too, who would of guessed that?

it looks pretty cool, check it out here

2 responses to “New Dark Shadows trailer looks ‘funky’

    • Ha, I had a look at this trailer again last night, it gets funnier the more i see it. What was going to be “a may not bother” now looks like “a definite watch” now

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