Five ‘great’ films and how to make them even better!

Even the greatest films might be improved. There’s always room for improvement right?

Here’s a list of how even the mightiest movies could be even better! – I think!?

The Dark Knight

Yes amazingly this film could be made even better! At a whopping 152 minutes The Dark Knight was long. I have no issue with any film being long, but in The Dark Knight’s final ferry boat dilemma I think Christopher Nolan gave us one moral predicament too many, he had already firmly cemented this theme within the movie. Now I know it was a vehicle to show the true spirit of Gotham’s citizens and disprove the Jokers ‘chips are down’ theory, I just think too long was spent on it. Better time might have been spent on the final Joker – Batman fight and upside down face off that would have been far more epic.


Simple, release an updated version, not a remake but a refined version that re-does what now look like some very poor ‘puppetry’ shark effects. The skill of ‘Jaws’ was the tension it created with supreme direction and a feeling of open sea isolation. For me, the plastic fantastic ‘Shark’ sometimes takes away that fear as it is so comical. A time has come for dare I say it, an almost ‘Lucas’ type meddling of the effects in ‘Jaws’. I think it highly possible with some skilled CG wizardry at Spielberg’s disposal that a tasteful and seamless update could be achieved; and what better excuse for a re-release!?

Lord of the Rings:The Fellowship of the Ring

Where was Tom Bombadil? Peter Jackson may have gone on record as to why he was omitted but it would have been fascinating to have him in given his immunity to the powers of the one ring and him being one of the most powerful entities in all of middle earth.

This said it may well have conflicted with  what Jackson was trying to create in the launching of the LOTR story and the feeling of power in the one ring; he got the sense of doom across masterfully and Bombadil’s ability to do with the ring whatever he wished may have taken that sense of power away.

Rather than a flaw of the movie, it may well be a flaw of the book as it comes at a curious stage in proceedings – the ring can’t be that powerful after all if someone appears to be able to destroy it, but more so Bombadil is untroubled by the ring and deems it insignificant – this wouldn’t have done much for creating a sense of foreboding if the rings power was diminished. In terms of improving the film though, it would have provided an even grander scale to Tolkien’s world’s history and mythology given what Bombadil is and what he knows. The events told in LOTR only represent a part of this history. Fans of ‘The Silmarrilion’ book will know this. Maybe it could have been added as an extra on one of the special editions; was it a scene that was ever considered or filmed, to my knowledge not?

Star Wars Episode 3: Revenge of the Sith.

Go with me on this one, as it can still be considered great as from the whole Star Wars saga, you could arguably rate it as 3rd best behind a New Hope and The Empire Strikes Back, and when considering how the prequel trilogy didn’t match the original, then it is no small feat; but like all of the prequel films it has glaring flaws.  There is a small spoiler here, so if you are the only person never to have seen Episode 3, skip to ‘The Tree of Life’

  1. Anakins ‘turn’ towards to the dark side is too quick. As soon as he plays his part in the demise of Mace Windu he submits too easily and too quickly; Yes he was conflicted for a long time and has had a pretty crappy life, but really what’s his beef, Natalie Portman’s your girlfriend!? Should have taken a bit more time with this scene.
  2. Vaders ‘Rise’ – just stupid, easy to improve this one – just cut out the “nooooooooooooooo” bit!
  3. Anakin’s/Vadar’s and Obi Wans lava raft, Jedi v Sith ‘Discussion’. The following piece of dialogue should have just been completely omitted – “From my point of view the Jedi are evil” ???

The Tree of life. (Brad was confused too – we all were!)

Critically acclaimed by many, just not by me; I was disappointed by The Tree of life to be honest but I still sort of understand its greatness as a piece of ‘Art’. As a big fan of Terence Malick I was expecting great things and an offering by Malick doesn’t come that often. The Tree of Life is far too vague and ambitious. Very much like 2001: A Space Odyssey as being an abstract piece of work it just never seemed to get to the point, but 2001 did have a simple final statement. Malick’s films are notorious for requiring a fair bit of audience investment and I have applauded this in the past as he doesn’t insult anyone’s intelligence by giving easy answers. I am no lazy viewer but apologetically I just didn’t get it. How would it have been improved – have a clear point.

I would be interested in any thoughts or comments you may have on any of these movies.


15 responses to “Five ‘great’ films and how to make them even better!

  1. I defo agree with the Star Wars (Noooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!) should defo have been thrown in the bin, it ruined that very short rise of Vader seen ( which should have been longer….).
    I don’t know about Jaws though, I think it should be left alone, remember when they tried re-doing Star Wars, and Han solo walks behind Jabba the Hut, what and awful bit of CGI.
    I slightly disagree with Dark Knight, I liked the Ferry Boat scene’s but I do agree they where a little long.
    I think leaving Tom Bombadil out of LOTR was the best thing to do,as I agree he would have taken the sense of power away from the ring
    I’ve not seen The Tree of Life, it didn’t appeal to me, looked a bad film.

    • yeh i know, I do like the ferry boat in some way just could have used the runtime elsewhere. bombadil may well be best left out, he’s just a great character though. Jaws would have to be tastefully done and i think they could now

    • I finally read your review mark. A great review which has given me more to ponder. As you know I didn’t quite get the tree of life but it is pure art and many of it themes can resonate with many. I am a fan of malick and the thin red line as you rightly say is his best work. I may give the tree of life another look and try be prepared to be convinced and understand it more

  2. Some nice suggestions. Always hard to please everyone and you have to leave something out from a book like LOTR.

  3. We have spoken about Tom Bombadil before Kev….. As much as I hated him being left out it was prob for the best. The thread if the story could have got a little lost with his introduction into the Hobbits journey. He was a fab character, with lots of knowledge…..
    I haven’t seen the Tree of Life either, so can’t comment here.
    Jaws would be great to be enhanced and released….but would it spoil an otherwise great film, even with the cheesy looking shark?! It could all go so horribly wrong…
    With Star Wars, yeah they added a few bits in from what they had already filmed and added CGI they didn’t have the technology for these scenes when the film as made, but I still liked it! I am, of course talking about the 4-6 episodes. 1-3, s much as I enjoyed seeing Anakin/Darth Vader transformation, the story wasn’t as strong as it could had been. I was dissappointed by Ep 3, how it was left… you both said, too quick this transformation was. Not enough depth.
    The Dark Knight….possibly a little long, but still enjoyable! Heath Ledger was perfect as The Joker!
    Two films that could have been done better are: Indiana Jones of the Crystal Skull, and The abyss! The Abyss was a really good movie with tension and strange lights and sights to suggest they are not alone, but when it ends and the alien world is brought up the surface of the ocean, well that spoilt it for me! I would have preferred the mystery to remain under water with only the crew knowing what was down there!
    Indiana : the aliens, come on! Again, for me the mystery was ruined. The whole point of the Indiana films is the mystery of ancient legends and myths being answered sure, but this film turned a bit too comical at the end to believeable. I just thought this could be handled better.
    I realise both films are alien related, and I don’t have anything against these films – love a good alien movie. I just get annoyed when I feel writers can’t be a little more imaginative with an ending! Maybe my expectations are too high?…

    • superb insights bev. sadly the final indiana jones movie was not great and aliens had no place in a jones movie. glad you share the same view on Bombadil, what a tremendous character, may start reading it – again!

  4. Love your blog. Who else would put five great films AND how they could improve?? Your writing is so unique. I’ve seen everything on this list except Tree of Life; using my grading scale, I would give both Jaws and Knight an A+,Sith an A-, and Fellowship a C. I got bored with the last one. Nice list.

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