Some of Claratsi’s favourite movie posters

What makes a movie poster so engaging? Over the many years of cinema, movie posters have provided the most vivid and iconic imagery associated with the great films. Images seared into our subconscious that instantly allow us to recall great moments in movie history. Great posters over the years have publicised movies long before the age of trailers, viral marketing and social networking. Not only can a great poster be appreciated for its ability to boost a films appeal but they can be considered great pieces of work in their own right. Here are some of my  favourite movie posters. Check them out and comment below on any you may like or may have missed!


10 responses to “Some of Claratsi’s favourite movie posters

  1. That’s a great collection of excellent movie posters. Thanks for compiling it. I enjoyed appreciating the fabulous images but I was also grateful for the memories I was compelled to recollect. It got me thinking of what other posters one might add to the collection.

  2. I do love a good movie poster. But, Kevin, you are wrong….these posters are not great pieces of work, they are great pieces of Art! Some of the movies over the years have become very iconic, and are so full of the style and portray such a great feel of the movie, it would be wrong not to call it art. I know it would be impossible to list ALL the great movie posters, but a few more for me that spring to mind are: Casablanca, the Indiana Jones trilogy ( sorry, can’t quite accept the fourth one yet!), Lord of the Rings, Lawrence of Arabia, Breakfast at Tiffanys, The Good The Bad and The Ugly…..I could go on! Love The Gladiator above, and Jaws, Stars Wars…tho Return of the Jedi is missing!!! Fright Night gives me nightmares!!! 🙂

    • i agree, i was going to call them art and they are…i wrote it with the word art in it just read a bit cheesy. you could put all of the LOTR on there too!

      • I was going to call it art too but change my word to images for the same reason as you. I agree that it is art.

  3. I remembered another one….which I have somewhere from my teenage years…. Back To The Future! First one only! 🙂 Ahh….takes me back!

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