Can Christopher Nolan ‘Rise’ to better ‘The Dark Knight’?

It can’t have failed to escape visitors to ClaratsiMovieblog that I am very much looking forward to this summer’s latest Batman instalment, ‘The Dark Knight Rises’.

Batman has been cast out and gone underground after the events of 2008’s ‘The Dark Knight’ and on July 20th Batman returns to battle superhuman ‘Bane’ as he begins a campaign of terrorism on Gotham City.

This week I watched ‘The Dark Knight’ once more and reviewed it here as one of my all-time top ten movies. I have great expectations and a little worry or two for ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ and I hope beyond hope that it is not going to disappoint.

Call it sad, but the closing of Christopher Nolan’s Bat trilogy represents to me, and I am sure to many modern Batman fans much more than just the end of one bat chapter. Batman for many is the Ultimate ‘Hero’, notice how I omit the word ‘Super’, Batman is not ‘Super’ allowing all to relate to him and regard highest amongst all heroes. Nolan has presented this trait superbly in his two outings so far.

Nolan’s saga it is the greatest and most faithful interpretation of the modern bat story yet and has elevated ‘hero’ movies beyond a narrow genre, into something far more real and has created expectation in turn.  As recalled in my review of ‘The Dark Knight’ Nolan created in both movies so far, a feeling of reality that made them feel as if they were not even ‘hero’ movies anymore, but something far more important and relevant to real world events.

Can Nolan close with an Epic third instalment and create a rare perfect trilogy of Dark Knight Movies’?

My hunch (and hope) is yes, here’s why?

  • Nolan hasn’t made a bad film yet.
  • He somehow managed to better ‘Batman Begins’ going more epic.
  • Nolan likes his ‘6 degrees of separation’ – working with returning cast members and previous collaborators on other movies, the actors know him and he knows them, getting the best out of each other. That can only be a positive.
  • The same cast members are returning from ‘The Dark Knight’, with the addition of Tom Hardy, who can’t do now wrong right now and looks immense as ‘Bane’.
  • Christian Bale, the best Batman and Bruce Wayne yet, and an Oscar winner since his last Bat outing, is now confirmed as one of the best actors of his generation.
  • It looks set to be a deep, dark final chapter? If it is closely based on the ‘Knightfall’ series of comics then expect Batman to be tested like never before.
  • More Epic scale set pieces.
  • As with many finales, it’s likely to go out on a big bang.

Notes of caution:

  • Can ‘Bane’ no matter how imposing, really match Batman’s ultimate historic nemesis, The Joker? The power of ‘The Dark Knight’ was The Joker and where he took Batman, not to mention Heath Ledger’s iconic performance. Can it possibly be matched?
  • It will have two villains with Cat woman set to appear. This hasn’t always worked as each villain detracts from the other, it creates a tricky balancing act in giving both screen time.
  • The unmistakable fact that third movies are rarely as good as what came before. All the proverbial ‘stops’ need to be pulled out to somehow equal The Dark Knight.
Can Christopher Nolan ‘Rise’ to better ‘The Dark Knight’? – comment below

All of this said I am going to go with my hunch and my heart and say that The Dark Knight Rises is going to be the greatest blockbuster of the summer and is going to close Nolan’s Batman Trilogy masterfully and appropriately, ready for the next custodian of the franchise when a sure reboot takes place in the very near future.

Rumour is Nolan is signed for a reboot as producer and writer, even though not returning as director, this is still comforting news.

If you have not already seen the Trailer (where have you been?) here it is


5 responses to “Can Christopher Nolan ‘Rise’ to better ‘The Dark Knight’?

  1. I would agree the third film in most super hero trilogies are seldom good. Spiderman 3, for instance, was awful. It had two villains (Sandman and Venom) and this didn’t work at all, the film had so many twists and turns it was difficult to follow there where to many story lines crammed into one film and this did not work at all, what was meant to be a Spiderman Epic fell very short of the mark. I just hope Nolan does not fall into this trap with Bane and Catwoman and ruin an excellent (so far) trilogy of films.
    After all the hype for Dark Knight Rises I just hope it does not fall at the final fence…but if anyone can pull it off, I think Nolan can.

  2. my sentiments entirely, so many fell by the wayside at the last hurdle. when i posted about perfect trilogies i considered how many sagas that werent perfect that should have been, even all time classics like the original star wars arent perfect. there is a big banana skin with 2 villains and i still question this logic for ‘rises’, i dont think it needs two! but i really think nolan is far too savee to mess it up! everything he does has purpose and come july we will be celebrating another ‘perfect trilogy’ (heart over head!)

  3. I just can’t imagine Nolan messing this one up. The man has never made a bad movie. Although I don’t think anyone can match Ledger’s performance, I do believe Hardy is capable of playing a great Bane and the rest of the cast is just as solid as it has always been. Thanks for checking out and following my blog! I’m looking forward to many more great movie posts from you!

    • right on the money. i think hardy is the perfect choice to play a real world bane. for anyone to now match ledger they would also have to put a very different twist on the character. many have compared ledger to nicholson but they’re worlds apart in terms character. i have my fingers crossed that nolan doesnt mess it up and i am sure he wont. thank you too for checking out my blog.

  4. I think that Nolan is going to blow us away. We didn’t expect “The Dark Knight” to be as great as it was, and it completely shattered our expectations. Now we have such high expectations for “The Dark Knight Rises,” and I truly believe that Nolan has something in store for us that we have never seen before. This is going to be one for the history books, mark my words.

    And as for the two villains? He did it well in “Batman Begins” – Ra’s al Ghul and Scarecrow; and he perfected it in “The Dark Knight” – Joker and Two-Face. The important thing to notice here is that he always had one central villain and then an ancillary villain. I don’t think that Catwoman is the villain of this piece. She seems to be more of an ally. Just a hunch.

    Great article!

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