Summer 2012…Dates for your diary!!!



This summer you will not be seeing this ‘Bane’…





…instead you will see this one

…Phew! That’s better!



This week sees the release of Disney’s pre summer blockbuster ‘John Carter’…not earth shattering news I hear you say?

Well as spring arrives, it is the first green shoot of the blooming summer of movies to come in what looks set to be a huge blockbusting festival for moviegoers with some big, big releases; namely The Dark Knight Rises and The Avengers.

2012 could be Epic!

And because I am so excited by what’s in store, in what should be a bumper year, and I am sooo kind to you all, here is a list of the biggest releases coming this year. Take a look and be sure to make a date in your diaries!

Tell me, what’s the release you are looking forward to the most this summer?

Bold = can’t wait!


9th: John Carter, The Raven

16th; 21 Jump Street, Contraband

23rd; The Hunger Games

30th; Wrath of the Titans


5th; Titanic

11th; Battleship

27th; The Avengers


2nd; American Pie: Reunion

4th; Silent House, Beauty and the Beast

10th; The Dictator

25th; Men in Black 3


1st; Prometheus

15th Rock of Ages

22nd; GI Joe: Retaliation


4th; The Amazing Spiderman

6th; Ice Age: continental Drift

20th; THE DARK KNIGHT RISES (will be the film of the summer!)

27th; Dr. seuss’ The Lorax


2nd; Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

10th; Top Cat

13th; Brave

17th; The Expendables 2, The Bourne Legacy

22nd; Neighbourhood Watch, Total recall

24th; Keith Lemon: The Film


14th; Resident Evil: Retribution

21st; Dredd (Judge), Cogan’s trade, The Sweeney


5th; Taken 2, Frankenweeine

19th; Paranormal Activity 4, Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted

26th; 007:Skyfall


9th; The Gangster Squad

16th; Twilight: Breaking Dawn part 2


14th; The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

4 responses to “Summer 2012…Dates for your diary!!!

  1. There are some quality films out this year, cannot wait for some of them.
    Avengers will be the film for first part of the year, then Batman – Dark Knight Rises for mid year then finish with your choice of 007 – Skyfall and The Hobbit – An Unexpected Journey. But in between there is still more quality flicks

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