Tribute to Star Wars ‘Pioneer’ Ralph McQuarrie

Check out this tribute to the passing of one Star War’s pioneering fathers, Ralph McQuarrie, and take the time to celebrate the life of a true genius by taking a look at the slideshow of some of his finest work.

McQuarrie, a conceptual designer and illustrator was the man who designed the look of the original Star Wars trilogy and the man we can thank the most for visualising George Lucas’ story and creating the now iconic and legendary aesthetic of the Star Wars universe; Without McQuarrie the universe created in the mind of George Lucas would never have been so masterfully envisaged on screen.

Remember watching Star Wars for the first time and how cool it all looked, like nothing you had ever seen before, and wanting all those fantastic toys, AT-AT’s, X-wings and the coolest toy ever – The Millennium Falcon; then tip your cap to Ralph McQuarrie for helping make it all real!

Many things are described as ‘Art’ these days, what McQuarrie did was more than just Art, he was a crucial part in creating the greatest movie experience ever!


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