New Avengers Trailer Arrives!!!

The build up to the summer has well and truly begun now with the full length trailer for ‘The Avengers’. Do I really need to tell you any more?

Well…no not really, but I will anyway. It would be remiss of me not to.

‘The Avengers’ looks stunning and this trailer has really finally whet my appetite for this when it arrives in May as I have to say as being the greater DC fan, I was cautious about what I was seeing. Not now though!

It looks fantastic!

Old concerns still exist though – Is it going to be big enough and long enough to give all of the heroes plenty of game time? So many fans of superheroes don’t just see their heroes as any old character but someone (or something) they love, and we all have a favourite who we want to see the most. There could be a real danger of some characters fading into ‘cameo’ territory that might leave some fans dissatisfied, but there are always sequels right!? which no doubt there will be.

‘The Avengers’ is surely going to be great, both for fans and the films producers and may kick start the next super-phase of hero movies. With such a huge back catalogue, not just from Marvel, we are surely going to see many many more superhero offerings in the years to come. No bad thing!


Check it out here at


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