Feel the ‘Wrath!’

Gotta say this picture looks ace, its almost like a Balrog’s big brother!

A new trailer for ‘Wrath of the Titans’ has launched and early signs are very promising indeed.

‘Clash of the Titans’ was very, very average indeed and was such a major disappointment for me, more so given my love of the ‘God of War’ games on PS3, which tread a similar godly path!

The biggest thing ‘Clash’ missed was a real sense of epic scale, it just didn’t feel big and important enough, but this sequel, ‘Wrath’ looks to be far more epic, with titanic beasties and LOTR style battles. If it somehow matches the scale of battle of LOTR then I expect great things come the 30th March (yes it’s out that soon).

One note of caution though, I went to see the first movie in 3D and because it was bolted on using a ‘post conversion’ technique the 3D was really poor and may have spoilt my enjoyment even more,  it also didn’t make me love 3D anymore than I already did!

Anyway this sequel is expected to use the same technique. Booooo! But enhancements (we are told) have been made which have improved things since the last movie and 3D is getting better all the time, so fingers crossed!

Wrath of the Titans looks set to be a major improvement and it does look awesome! So for that reason I will give it a chance, as I am sure many will!

See Trailer here

3 responses to “Feel the ‘Wrath!’

  1. I will defo be going to see this film in 3D, it looks a good film, I enjoyed the first one, although some areas it was lacking

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