4 weeks, 788 hits!


claratismovieblog is 4 weeks old today, so i thought it would be useful to review how it has all gone so far…

Well; 788 views, or in kinda old money ‘hits’ is the running total so far, which is far better than I was hoping for, so I would like so say a massive thank you to all who have visited my blog so far, i hope you like it and i would love it if you could keep returning.

Obviously ‘homepage’ visits have done the best, and my most read piece is my article on whether George Lucas has messed about with Star Wars too much, check it out here if you haven’t already done so!

My most often read reviews are for Heat (1995) and Star Wars Episode 1 3D. If you have not already done so check them out and be sure to take a look at all my reviews!

My blog is still very much in its infancy and i hope it will continue to grow.

Thank you again to all who have visited, and please help it get bigger and better by sharing my content with your friends and keep on coming back!

Please remember to ‘share’ ‘Like’ and ‘comment’. You can also sign up for email notifications whenever I post something new.

Thank you for listening,




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